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Drive Me Crazy  

OK, I admit it I am sick to the back teeth with the plague of teen movies we have had to put up with recently. They first few I saw recently were fresh and quite good, sure I had seen a few of these type of movies in my youth but these were still enjoyable. But it's getting to be a bit of an overkill now isn't it? Talk about market saturation.

So why is this movie featured in here, well it's not because it's a teen movie, but because it's trash. All this Movie does is retread again every single thing that has been done before.

This is Sabrina Teen Witch, Melissa Joan Hart's big screen debut. Hmm couldn't she have found something just a bit more inspiring than this dull nonsense.
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The plot is a near xerox of She's All That which wasn't all that original either. But the makers thought they were so clever in that it is the girl who makes the guy over in this one. Wow how many man hours did it take to dream up a notion like that?

Tall Guy

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