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Dr Dolittle 2  

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Kristen Wilson, Norm Macdonald, Kyla Pratt, Raven-Symone
Director: : Steve Carr
Producers: John Davis, Joseph Singer, Michele Imperato
Screenplay: Larry Levin
Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 85 Mins Studio: 20Th Fox

This Dr. Prescription Is Laughter.

Man always likes to destroy things Esp. Forests they build building over what use to be forest and there are always groups trying to save the wildlife and rainforest. For Dr Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) his life has chance since everyone know his secret.

He is a famous Doctor now and has a ton of patients from two legged ones to four legged. When the bay area mafia or should I say Beaver ask him for his help to try and stop Developers from destroying there forest. So the doctor has to come up with a plan to legally stop the developers.

His idea is to find an endangered species that the law protects. He finds one a Pacific Western Bear name Ava (Lisa Kudrow) who lives in the condemned forest. But the only way the law protects Ava is she has a mate and kids. So Dolittle has to find her a mate so he goes to the circus and find a city dwelling, wise cracking, fast food loving bear name Archie (Steve Zahn). So the Dr has to become a love doctor and try his best to hook the two bears up before it is to late.

Dr. Dolittle 2 was a very funny and good Sequel. Let me tell you why.


The story I though was really good. The screenplay was very good and it could also be a pubic service announcement about saving the wildlife and forests. Because everyday some one is destroying out forests and killing animals.
I think everyone including kids should see this film because of the inner point of the film.
Dr. Dolittle has a tremendous cast there are a lot of big names behind the voice. There is the main voice Like Steve Zahn and Norm Macdonald who was very funny and did great at their role. There is also Lisa Kudrow, Mike Epps, and Jamie Kennedy who are also good. But I think who stole the show was the Lizard he was so funny I could stop laughing at his lines.
The Music of the film was great it was a mix of R&B and Rap.
The film did not drag at all.
There were no stupid jokes. All the lines were very funny and couple made fun of other films.
This is one Sequel that was not stupid and I was happy they made it.

The film was only 1 hr 20 mins it did not seem that short. But I wish it were a little longer.
That the only thing I could think of that was bad.

Overall Dr. Dolittle was one very funny movie. This film was great and it will make you laugh so much till it hurt as well as making a point about saving our forest. You will get your money worth.

© 2001 Paul Perkins

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