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Down To You  

How is this for a tag line "a new comedy about giving first love a second chance", oh how sweet. Sorry have we not seen a thousand variations on that one before.

What is wrong with this Movie is exactly that, we've seen it all before. But even though we are often quite happy to sit and watch pretty much something we have seen before as long as they try and find a new angle on it, or the script is funny or clever or witty or intelligent. Sorry but its pretty workmanlike.

I won't be ruining anything for you by telling you that the story is basically guy goes out with girl. Split up. Get back together. And that is pretty much all to this Movie. If you had already seen the trailer then you would have seen everything you would need to know everything about this Movie. And that is no recommendation that everything that this Movie covers can be slotted perfectly into a 3 minute trailer.
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Its such a shame that this movie is so pedestrian with such promising talent in Freddie Prinze Jr and Julia Styles who have been very watchable in their previous movies such as American Pie and 10 Things I hate about you. I must admit when I read that they were both in this then I did expect a bit more.

If you have never seen a teenage love movie before then yes you will probably enjoy this. If you have don't bother as there is nothing in here that hasn't been done before.

Tall Guy
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