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Deception (AKA Reinder Games)  

First of all it must be explained why this movie has had two diferent titles. In the US it was called Reindeer Games and was released in winter. But us lucky people in the UK got the movie in the height of summer, so the makers thought that us brits wouldn't go to see a winter movie in summer and thought they had better call it something else. Strange logic that, doesn't most people go to see a movie because they want to see a GOOD movie, what time of year it is set in doesn't really come into the thinking does it?

Ben Affleck plays Rudy (oh how witty) who by impersonating his dead cell mate trys to get his wicked way with his dead cell mate's girlfriend. And she falls for it! Doesn't the poor girl have eyes in her head? She is played by Charlize Theron.

The movie goes into a completely confusing mess from this point with Gary Sinese getting involved and Affleck getting involved in a heist. And Affleck stumbling about trying to get out of said heist.

There is little in the movie to get excited and is a plae shadow of the other snowbound movie it tries to recreate Fargo.

Don't bother.

Tall Guy

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