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Dawn Of The Dead  

USA 1978 Directed by George A. Romero. Starring: David Emge, Ken Foree, Scott H. Reiniger, Gaylen Ross.

Incredibly awesome and astounding good. The definitive zombie film, and the best horror film I┤ve seen. And there will probably not be any better, because they don┤t make horror films like this anymore. This is the second installment in Romero┤s living dead trilogy, and it┤s on account of this film I rank him as the best director in the genre. I was totally blown away when I first saw "Dawn of the Dead". Romero made consciously the effects incredibly rough, and he used the special effect master Tom Savini to shock the public. Blood and violence is so repugnant in real life, and he wanted to show that on film too.
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The nightmarish plot is about a world populated by zombies, who only becomes more and more, and four individuals struggling for survival. When the four protagonists begins to finish up gas, are they land their chopper on the roof at a big zombie occupied shopping-mall. Their intensions was to stay there, with the use of food and weapon. But a motorcycle-gang will also have a piece of the cake. When they breaking into the shopping-mall, all hell┤s breaking loose, and the zombies are welling in all over the place. I really feel for the characters, and want them to stay alive. But nothing last forever...

Despite I have given "Dawn of the Dead" a five in rating, isn┤t it completely flawless. I didn┤t like all the comedy elements with zombies in the shopping-mall, and sometimes they looked completely harmless. It took away the tension a little. I loved the music in the beginning, but after a while, in the shopping-mall, it turned out to be weak. The special effects could been made better (zombies with blue faces and pink blood). Now you maybe wondering why I gave "Dawn of the Dead" such a high rating? Well, when it is at its best, it stands in a class of its own. Romero really know how to scare the hell out of people, but he proves here that he also controls other domains within the screen. And even if it┤s very long (140 minutes, director┤s cut version) is it contains no dull moments. It┤s non-stop action all the time.

Kent Palgren

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