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Dancer In The Dark  

Dancer In The Dark has got to be one of the greatest films ever released in my opinion, Lars Von Trier uses up close and personal camera techniques that spin and sway relentlessly which almost makes the viewer feel slightly naucious. Nonetheless this does nothing to detract from Bjorks amazing acting talents, and of course, the music.

The music, for me is the most inspirational to ever come out of a feature film. Practically all the songs start out with no melody whatsoever, focusing on rythym (for example, "Cvalda" begins with rytyhmical chugs, clatters and whirring of industrial machines) gradually, orchestral arragements are utilised which expands its horizons to the grandeur. Bjork's musical talents never fail to amaze me ("Homogenic" uses similar timbres) and Dancer In The Dark enforces my opinion further.
Dancer in the Dark
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In esscence, Dancer In The Dark is a musical but make no mistake ***this is no "sound of music"*** If any of you out there has a ponchant for new and refreshing ideas then add this film to your collection. You won't regret it.

I should just say however, if practically any sad film can make you cry, then this will completely blow your mind (I was crying for hours afterwards)It gave me an unbelieveable rush of adrenalin, I just couldn't stop shaking. "WUSS," I hear you cry. That must be from those of you that haven't seen it. You are young, but you will learn ;)

Neil Damer

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