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The Crater Lake Monster  

This is probably the worst film I have ever seen in my life, as a kid I never hated dinosaur movies but this is the worst dinosaur film ever made. I got this movie off for $7.99 this movie isn't worth $7.99. Let's move on from talking about how bad this movie was and to the actual movie.

Here is the story, It begins on a normal day in Oregon. Then a scientist discovers something with his wife in a cavern. He gets another scientist to look at it as well. They go into the cave and find these drawings that look like they have been drawn by a 7 year old, the drawings shows primitive man worshipping a falling comet.

The next drawing shows the primitive man fighting a giant plesiouras. The scientist tells him this proves that man existed alongside the dinosaurs. Then in the distant road you see the towns sheriff riding down into The Crater Lake and all of a sudden you see this huge meteor crash into the lake. In the process of the meteor falling it makes the cave crash in and the scientist escapes.

A month later, everything is going pretty normal in the town. The scene then changes to a hiker near the woods, and then out of nowhere you see the camera coming out of the water looking like a monster coming out of the water.

The hiker looks up and you see this stop motion animated plesiouras. Before the monster attacks it goes into a different scene and the guy you hear in the distance screams. Then many of the resident start seeing strange objects in the water, which is actually a totally fake puppet swimming in the water that looks like a blow up toy.

More people see strange objects in the water and cattle are reported missing. The two worst actors in the movie are then introduced to us.Two hicks from the sticks that the director should have killed off in the beginning of the movie. The hicks rent out a boat to a city guy for twenty bucks, and guess what the boat doesn' have an engine. Even better the two hicks now that on the lake there haven't been any fish caught in weeks, can you tell that the city guy is being lead to his death? Well he really should have had a sign above his head saying "I'm gonna die!" it's that obvious.

Well he goes out to fish and a strange fog comes down and then it turns dark, even though it is the middle of the day., the fake puppet head thing attacks the boat and the guy falls over the boat. The monster then eats the guy underwater and when you see the camera underwater its clear as crystal in the water. Did they play the rushes to see if the camera was still in the shot, I don't think so.

The city guys' body is then found, but the props department must have been on holiday that day as it is so obviously a shop dummy.

The plot then moves forward with the age old cliche of the local town sheriff seeing the monster and wanting to keep it a secret. But even although heis trying to keep it a secret he holds a town meeting about finding the monster, and telling people to keep away from the you think they stay way? Hell no its Z movie territory here!

Anyway, I won't give away the ending, like there was one worth spoiling anyway.

Let's get to the details why the movie was bad! Bad acting, cheap special effects (50c from local store), sudden changes from daytime to nightime and cliche upon cliche.

The list goes on so all I have left to say is be very afraid of buying of renting this film.

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