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OK, why am I reviewing a movie that has been out for so long as this one? Well to honest because I hate it tremendously, and because you never know there may be someone out there who hasn't seen it yet and if I can save that one person the waste of time that this movie is then I can feel I have done something worthwhile. Oh, yeah it's apparently coming out at budget price of £5.99.

This was surely the nadir of Tom Cruise's pretty boy stage when it wasn't the story or the action that mattered, but how he looked that counted. It wasn't long after this that he realised that if wanted any longevity as a movie star he had to stop playing such vain projects and ACT.

So what was Cocktail about then? Oh ok if I must. Tom Cruise and Brian Brown were Cocktail waitresses and that is about as deep as it got.

Tall Guy

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