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A Clockwork Orange  

1971 131 mins

Director Stanley Kubrick
Starring Malcolm McDowell - Alex
Patrick Magee - Frank Alexander
Warren Clarke - Dim

Alex and his three buddies' hobbies include "a bit of the old ultra-violence," rape and theft and throughout the first half of this film we are shown them indulging in this to excess. After Alex is srewed over by the other three he is arrested for the murder that he has just commited and later imprisoned for this crime. He is given the opportunity to get out of prison early if he agrees to undergo an experimental treatment that should cure him of the urges to commit these crimes and he accepts the opportunity only to find that because of the treatment, life on the outside isn't as easy as he had hoped.

I thought that Malcolm McDowell was excellent in the lead role and the way in which he delivered the lines and the way in which it is written in the novel by Anthony Burgess makes it a very interesting and original film to watch. Kubrick also plays a major part in this with some interesting direction and helps make it an instantly recognizable film.


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