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Going to a real Circus would be way more entertaining than this pile of elephant droppings.

The first question that we must ask of this movie is this, were they thinking of a certain Quentin Tarantino Movie that relaunched John Travolta's career when they made it? The story is told in flashback format with more twists than Nemesis at Alton Towers (overseas readers , its a VERY twisty rollercoaster). But because they have concentrated in putting in an incredible amount of twists that they forgot to make a good movie. This is the crucial difference between then movies, the script for the other movie was nigh on perfect and had some of the best dialogue seen in a Movie in recent times.
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One scene that takes the biscuit is when Brian Conley "chokes his chicken" while watching a porn movie. Not any porn movie mind you, oh no they think they are anarchic and they make it be a sheep porn movie. Yes you did hear that right. Has anybody ever heard of such a thing before ? I know I hadn't , just pure ridiculous and absolutely unnecessary .

The humour is also a bit weak as well, for instance they think they will get great laughs by a tall guy driving a mini. Sorry guys Police Academy did that in the 80's and it wasn't funny then either. Plus its a cheap joke.

What John Hannah is doing mixed up in this nonsense is a mystery too. Wonder if the fact that Famke Janssen starred opposite him had anything to do with it ?

This movie sums up exactly what is wrong with the british movie industry. It thinks it is oh so clever, but in reality it just does not have a clue.

Do not go and see this Movie. Hire anything else instead.

Tall Guy

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