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Christinas House  

After watching this film, I don't know what I was more furious with; the fact that it took away 92 minutes of my life, or the fact that I actually spent money from my own pocket to view it!

This film was just so feeble, that when one of the actors declamatorised " you don't understand", I too found myself unable to understand why anyone would agree to make this awful film after reading the script.

Was it the acting? Yes. Was it the dialogue? Yes. Was it the direction? Certainly. From the beginning to the very end, this movie did nothing to grab my interest or attention. It seemed a cheap swizz of any teen-slasher movie I had ever seen, with the attempted 'everyone's-a-suspect' rip off of 'Scream' and the 'lets-give-it-a-story-no matter-how-week-it-is' shot of 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer'.

Not only was the acting weaker than my mother's tea (especially the opening sequence; the standard suspect boyfriend - who is apparently big in Roswell, and, well, everyone), but the direction was unforgivable. So that I can safely bury the memories of this film (and so too should all those who took part in it), I make a plea - make sure I haven't watched this movie in vain by avoiding it at all costs.

copyright Jon Rosen 2001

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