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Chill Factor  

Don't you just KNOW that a Movie is trying desperately to hide that it's utter rubbish, when they come out with the tag line from The Makers Of....when the person that was involved in both movies was the tea boy.

Now on this movie it's not the tea boy, but still tenuous links when the movies they reference are ..the editor of The Duellists....Director Of Photography of The Quest and the Production Designer of Up Close and Personal. Not exactly things that most people remember about any of those movies I would like to think.

Better talk about the movie instead of having a rant about its marketing, oh yeah, it's a complete no brainer, ie go in switch off, fall asleep , wake up, watch last five minutes, realised missed nothing at all, still figure out what it was all, about and then go home.

We are in old fashioned action movie territory here, with a complete lack of imagination to try and mix things up a bit.

Cuba Gooding Jr and Skeet Ulrich lurch through this movie totally confused and dazed. I seem to remember both of them having a lot of promise in their earlier movies but both sleepwalk their way through this.

Don't bother with this watch something exciting instead.

Tall Guy

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