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Chasing Amy  

1997 109 mins

Director Kevin Smith
Starring - Ben Affleck - Holden McNeil
Joey Lauren Adams - Alyssa Jones
Jason Lee - Banky Edwards
Dwight Ewell - Hooper Lamont
Jason Mewes - Jay Phat Buds
Kevin Smith - Silent Bob

Chasing Amy is the story of a Holden McNeil who falls for Alyssa who then turns out to be a lesbian which obviously makes it a very confusing situation for the both of them because she sort of digs him as well but she knows that deep down she is still a lesbian.They eventually get it on but they still feel that the situation is still too awkward and they can't work out their real feelings for each other and Alyssa is still unsure about her sexuality. Holden says that the only way to sort things out will be for him, Alyssa and his buddy Banky to have a threesome. Alyssa is the one who says no to this and finally leaves Holden because she says it will never work out because she is a lesbian.They all then go on to live separate lives until they meet up again a year later but nothing comes of this and they again go their separate ways.

Despite my feeling of impending doom before watching this, considering what I had heard, I was very pleased to find that it was a good film. Comparing it to Mallrats which was it's predecessor the story is far superior and I thought it was a funnier film although others would probably disagree and so in my opinion it was a better film. The funnier stuff is in the majority in the first hour and after this the storyline takes precedence and is allowed to develop but this in no way makes the second half of the film inferior to the first.


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