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Charlie's Angels  

Ok here is the deal. It was supposed to suck. Every time that it was discussed I said that it was gonna suck. It was a movie based on a TV show. An Aaron Spelling TV show! It was destined to suck. It shouldn't have been good at all. It turns out that it's fantastic. It's a bubble gum film. A simple guilty pleasure of a movie but I have to admit it. It's Fun as all hell.

There are a few keys to the film's success. The first of which is that it never takes itself too seriously, It is camp at it's purest form and matches the theme of the TV show perfectly. The original angels were a 70's landmark. I remember ogling my brother's Farrah Fawcett Majors poster like it was yesterday. (OK, I admit it, it was yesterday.) And another thing the film does right is that, although the Angels are hi tech and in the year 2K they are still rooted where they belong ... In the 70's, They wear bell bottoms! They wear iron on t-shirts! They wear Spiderman underoos! Kung fu fighting? In there! Disco dancing on a multi-colored tile floor? In there! Evil Kenevil like racing suits? In there! Soul Train? In there! Muscle cars? In! And saving the best for last despite GPS satellites cell phones, and video conferencing Charlie still talks through that little white intercom!
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The action sequences are another key to the films success. These girls kick ass! They jump from planes, survive multiple explosions and dodge bullets effortlessly. Whenever it's kick ass time the music starts thumping and the girls and their opponents face off with a few over exaggerated Bruce Lee style poses. Then they fly at each other, swift blocks, effortless parries and punches and kicks and punches that sound as if they are hitting with anvils. And it doesn't hurt that they fight great villains. Crispin Glover puts in a phenomenal performance as the "Thin Man" His kicking skills are as impressive as anybody's I know of (just ask David Letterman).

The final piece of the success story is the girls themselves. All three have great chemistry together and they seem to really enjoy the roles they have been given. Some of the best scenes of the movie are when they are balancing their jobs and their relationships at the same time.

The movie is a perfect blend of high-octane action, tongue in cheek humor, campieness, and nostalgia that make Charlie's Angels one of the most entertaining films of the year. If you remember the seventies and you want a few laughs it's a perfect movie. On a 1-10 it gets an 8.5

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