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1976 98 mins

Director - Brian De Palma
Starring - Sissy Spacek - Carrie White
Piper Laurie - Margaret White
Amy Irving - Sue Snell
William Katt - Tommy Ross
John Travolta - Billy Nolan

Carrie White is the quiet, lonely girl at her school who always gets laughed at and picked on and her controlling, god-fearing mother doesn't help her situation by not letting her do anything. When it comes round to prom time Carrie is unexpectedly invited to go with Tommy Ross but unbeknown to them the kids that bully her have a surprise waiting for them. When they pull their little stunt all hell breaks loose and Carrie uses her bizzare, telekinetic powers to get back at all thoses who she sees as her enemies and they all meet an untimely death.

This film shows how teen horror films should be made unlike the shite that has been churned out of Hollywood in the past few years (eg. final destination) which is just totally laughable. There are no laughs in Carrie, and this is another classic horror film adapted from a Stephen King novel.


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