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USA 1992 Directed by Bernard Rose. Starring: Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, Xander Berkeley.

There is a legend about a coloured man called Candyman. According to the myth was he a very good painter, and was for that reason commissioned to paint a picture of a rich man┤s daughter. They became deeply in love with each other and the daughter went pregnant. But the father didn┤t like that his fine daughter should give birth to a child from a man of lower rank. He sent villains after Candyman to take revenge on him. Candyman took to flight but was caught up by the scoundrels. First they sawed of his right hand and undressed him naked. They crushed hives in a nearby bee house and smear then his body with the honeycombs. When the bees came was Candyman stung to death. But he got no peace after his death. If you place yourself in front of a mirror and tells his name five times in a row, he comes and breathe down your neck. With a hook pressed in in his bloody stump, he┤ll slice up his victims from the crutch to the throat.

Helen (Virginia Madsen) is studying and will write a thes. She hear of the myth of Candyman, and decides to find out more facts. Then it reveals that his home district is Cabrini Green, a coloured slumland right in the neighbourhood, where all are frightened for Candyman. Helen plays with fire and goes there.

"Candyman" is without a doubt the nineties best horror film. But for some unknown reason hasn┤t it received the credit it deserve out on the net (wake up, House of Horrors). "Candyman" has everything that needs to be an immortal classic. Furthermore has it anything so unusual as an original plot. It starts as a brutal fairy-tale in modern surroundings, and passes then on to become an awfully scary psychological thriller. Tony Todd is convincing as Candyman, and produces cold shivers every time he shows up. His deep dark voice (talk about bass voice) lifts the film to unthought-of heights. Virginia Madsen is also good. Another thing that stays on in mind after the movies ending, is the recurrent piano tinkling theme song. Bernard Rose has a sensitive feeling for the visual, and is just cut out for to make screen versions of Clive Barker stories. Unfortunately is "Candyman" the only horror film he┤s done. I think it is a waste of talent. Rating:

Kent Palmgren

Thrilling Movie Review

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