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Bring It On  

Directed by: Peyton Reed

Teen flicks are often shrugged off as just being dumb, but “Bring It On” is actually entertaining and likable.

Rancho Carne High School senior Torrance Shipman (played by Kirsten Dunst) has just been voted to be the next captain of the football cheerleading squad. Their football team sucks big time, but the squad has been national champions five years running, for they’ve got the attitude, the pizzazz and all the right moves. They’re heavily favored to win for the sixth time, until Torrance makes a chilling discovery; the former captain has stolen all the previous years’ killer moves from an East Compton High School, which has been too poor to send their squad to the nationals…that is until this year. Torrance and her team now have to put together an original routine as they compete with the homegirls from Compton.
Bring It On
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If you’re a fan of those cheerleading competitions on ESPN (which I admit I watch if I happen to see them on TV), then you will love “Bring It On”. The movie captures the energy and the competitive passion cheerleaders display during their routines, plus the film has lots of funny moments. The film does not take itself too seriously, which is actually for the better.

Kirsten Dunst was excellent playing a sincere girl who is good at cheerleading and just wants to do the right thing for her and the team. Jesse Bradford (the little kid from Soderbergh’s excellent 1993 film “King of the Hill”) is also great as Torrance’s love interest. Kudos are also to be given to the rest of the supporting cast.

“Bring It On” is a laid-back comedy. It’s not deep, it’s not philosophical, but hey it’s amusing.


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