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Blues Brothers 2000  

Lets see, can I give you 2000 reasons not to watch this Movie. Bet I can.
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1. Its not funny.

2. Its boring.

3. Its bad.

4. It has nothing new.

5. It repeats most of the original.

6. Its not funny.

7. John Goodman is NOT John Belushi.

8. It doesn't have the wit of the first one.

9. The music isn't as good.

10. Its not funny.

11. The script is poor.

12. Its very stilted.

13. Everything is drawn out with no pace whatsoever.

14. The plot is the same as the original.

15. Its not funny.

16. Its way too long.

17. Wheres the anarchic sense of humour from the first one.


Ah you get the drift. If any one can be bothered spending time dreaming up more reasons for not enjoying the sequel feel free as I can't.

Watch the original instead its so much better.

Tall Guy

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