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Blair Witch Project  

Ok let's get this Review started then, and the first thing I've got to get off the old chest is I do not care how little they spent making the Movie.

Sorry but that's just a marketing ploy to help sell a Movie, just the same as if they had spent £200 Million, oh look how much we spent!, but crowing that they had managed to make a movie by hardly spending anything.

How much is spent on a Movie means absolutely zero to me, the only thing that matters is if the movie is any good or not.
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Take for instance another zero budget movie, Clerks, now I love that movie.

Yes the idea is a good one, take some kids out in a wood let them film themselves and scare them senseless and make it into a movie.

So what exactly is wrong with Blair Witch then, well am I the only one who didnt find it scary at all? I'm not saying because the horror was unseen that was what was at fault or that there was no gore. Gore is not required to make a film scary, but this movie I felt had a complete lack of tension and thats was what was wrong.

Now, I can be scared at almost anything, even on the TV I've been known to jump at a tense moment, so why then did I feel completely unworried at Blair Witch?

Could it have been that the tension during the night scenes wasn't tense at all. I mean it was completely obvious that it was some friends running around in the dark.

Havent we all played those kinds of games when we were kids of running around in woods and scaring the bejesus out of our friends? Hell isn't it a requirement of youth that you do that to your mates.

That was all the scary scenes made me think of, my mates running about in the woods, and did it not sound just like that in the movie. Sound and no tangible evidence of anything there, was all there was, and even then it was very quiet and unscary. Not something to get all anxious about.

So overall Blair Witch was a masterpiece of marketing, I mean we all went and saw it didnt we? But I'm sure I'm not the only one who came away and felt a bit cheated. If I go to see a supposed scary movie then I expect to be scared. The advance word that came from America was that Blair Witch was so scary that people had to leave the Cinema. Now after seeing the movie I cannot believe that at all, and it appears that the marketers have achieved again in making us buy something we think is going to be excellent but is just so so.

Maybe in the sequels the horrific elements will be expanded so that although gore is not wanted, more tangible evidence of the terror hunting them is in evidence.

Tall Guy

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