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Blade Runner  

Now while this may be one of my favourite movies the DVD isn't exactly exciting. NO extra features at all. There should at least have been an option to watch the film in either of the two release formats, ie with or without that much maligned voiceover or not. How they can have a section on the back of the box proclaiming special features when all it is are Scene Access and Subtitles.

Not exactly what you spend money on a DVD for is it? Yes the picture/sound quality are excellent, but this is only to be expected of the format.

Pulp Fiction

Considering Tarantino's status as the ultimate film geek turned director, would you not expect his DVD's to be some of the best on the market?

Well, prepare to be disappointed, this is one of the laziest DVDs out there. Special features are Scene Access and even the subtitles are in English only.

No, I would have loved this movie to have been full of extra material. Did Tarantino not talk a huge amount about Pulp Fiction both in TV and Magazine interviews, surely some of these could have been included for the fans.The fact that there are no extra features makes you wonder if Tarantino cares about his movies as much as he once did? Personally I think the jury might be out on that one. Jackie Brown for me was an absolute triumph with Pam Griers performance being a highlight for me. Will his next movie be as good?

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