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Blade 2  
Starring: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Tcheky Karyo, Daz Crawford, Luke Goss
Directed by: Guillermo Del Toro
Produced by: Wesley Snipes, Peter Frankfurt, Victor McGauley
Written by:Guillermo Del Toro, David S Goyer
Distributor: New Line Cinema

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Director Del Guillermo (Mimic, The Devils Advocate) tries his best to surpass the original with Blade 2. Wesley Snipes reprises his role as the half human/ half vampire superhero off the pages of Marvel Comics.

Whistler is the focus of the beginning of the film as Blade searches for his infected friend. Infected by the vampire strain whistler has been overcome with the virus for two years. Blade searches for him to finish off his old friend. This time around Blade has a new weapons maker and partner named Scud (Mike Reedus). Scuds character is a pot smoking, slacker who just enjoys the thrill of vampire hunting. There is an immediate conflict between him and Whistler when the former is finally returned to his old self.

The vampire Overlord Damaskinos offers blade a truce through two emissaries Nyssa (Leonor Varela) his daughter, and Assad (Danny John Jules). The reason for the truce is a problem that could destroy both humankind, and vampires known as the reaper vampire. An apparent anomaly like blade the reaver needs to feed constantly on blood unlike vampires who are sustained indefinately after feeding. They also introduce the reaper strain virus to their victims causing them to become reapers as well. Within days it was feared they would number into the hundreds, and then thousands if not stopped. The idea was for Blade and a group of vampires called the Blood Pack to hunt down these reavers and stop the destruction of both races. The bloodpack was a group that had originally been trained to destroy Blade which causes conflict between the uneasy allies. The Bloodpack consisted of Chupa (Matt Schulze), Priest (Tony Curran), Snowman (Donnie Yen), Lighthammer (Daz Crawford), Verlaine (Marit Velle Kile), and the leader Reinhardt (Ron Perlman). Their job was to hunt down patient zero- Jarred Nomak (played by Luke Goss of Bros fame). They figure that if the source was destroyed the epidemic would be stopped.
The movie was filmed entirely on location in Prague, Czech Republic. The location adds a distinctive look to the film because of this. Fight scenes were choreographed by Jeff Ward (Snipes stuntman), and Donnie Yen (Fist of Fury, Iron Monkey). Wesley Snipes also contributed to give the fight scenes a violent, straightforward edge. The fight scenes are the best part of the film with the action being fluent and breathtaking. It surpasses it's predecessor tenfold on the wow factor.

The film tries its best to put together a plausible storyline, and has some merit to it. It just seems to get lost in all of the action, and mayhem. This keeps it from being a complete movie on that point, but if you are an action fan you will be highly entertained.

7.5 out of 10

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