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Black Knight  

Image (c) Fox
Black Knight Cast : Martin Lawrence, Tom Wilkinson, Greg Cooper
Director :
Gil Junger
Written By :
Darryl J. Quarles, Peter Gaulke and Gerry Swallow

Quicktime (Various res)

Martin Lawrence stars as Jamal Walker in the comedy Black Knight where he gets mysteriously transported to 14th century England.

It all happens one day when while on his job as a low level employee of the dilapidated Medieval World theme park as he falls into its putrid moat whilst trying to retrieve a golden necklace. He gets sucked into the water and ends up in old England in the times of castles, knights in shinning armor, damsels in
distress, bad hygiene and terrible plumbing.

During his adventure he falls in love, almost gets his head chopped off, leads a revolt against the evil king, teaches the locals some modern dance moves
including some heavy slang and makes new friends along the way.

Can you dig it? I thought so. As you can imagine the film revolves around Jamal, an African American trying to cope with his predicament of being thrust into the 14th Century as he struggles to get back to his life in the 21st Century Los Angeles.

While stuck in the Middle Ages, Jamal survives by using his “ghetto” contemporary street smarts and hipness to overcome his many problems, not the least of which are toilets that don’t flush but instead are just smelly holes in the ground. To add to his frustration he’s provided straw to use as toilet

Since Jamal loves modern conveniences and good hygiene, this does not bode well with him.

Black Knight is full of silly and stupid jokes that sporadically make you laugh but are easily forgettable. Martin Lawrence does his usual “shtick” that he’s famous for and that many moviegoers have seen before.

Although not original or amazing, Black Knight does make you giggle and provides for some throwaway entertainment.

Even if you are not the biggest Martin Lawrence fan, this film should prove amusing at times if you are into dumb humor that’s easily digested but not the
least memorable.

Director Gil Junger tries to get as many laughs out of the film’s weak script by highlighting Martin’s comedic abilities as much as possible with limited

If you go to Black Knight without high expectations but just to laugh a bit then you won’t be disappointed and you just might have a fun time.


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