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Big Momma's House  

Hmmm , hasn't Eddie Murphy done something along this lines already with The Nutty Professor ? So why do we need a movie where Martin Lawrence uses the central premise of that one ie famour actor all done up in latex as a "big" (hey, that's me being politically correct) person. Ah, I know there was a big tub of latex bodymould left over after The Nutty Professor and they couldn't just throw it away could they ?

In a nutshell the movie tells the story of Malcolm (Martin Lawrence) Turner who has to go undercover as Big Momma to crack a case.
Big Momma's House
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Think cheap gags at all times and there is a complete lack of subtlety on show as well. The most subtle "joke" in this movie is the old skirt tucked into knickers gag. Didn't Abbot & Costello do that one a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away (oops wrong movie)?

Thankfully they don't hold back with the pacing of the movie and no one scene hangs around for too long. In fact the movie's running time comes in at 98 minutes which is a blessing.

Oh they also throw a bit of romance into the mix, which only serves to serve up some more crass jokes.

If you are quite happy to put up with a no brainer zero originality movie and you have nothing else to do, I suppose you could spend an hour and a half watching this movie.

Me I would find something else to do.

Tall Guy

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