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Bicentennial Man  

This must be the first Isaac Asimov adaptation to hit the silver screen. Why has this taken so long ? Well after seeing this movie it might just stop anyone else from converting anything else of his to the cinema. Which would be a shame as his writing has very little in common with this movie.

You see this movie is pure and unadulterated sentimental tosh. Not something I have ever thought Asimov's writing to be associated with. Oh yes, Asimov was a sentimental writer but it was only part of what he used within his writing repertoir. And that unfortunately is all this movie has to offer.
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This movie "stars" Robin Williams as a robot who becomes human over a 200 year period. Great high concept that, you would think that this movie may deal with big themes such as acceptance and use that as an allegory on race and colour etc. Oh no not this movie they concentrate on much more important things.

Like how to fart. Yes that is right, with such a meaty subject matter farting is the level of intelligence they reached for.

Robin Williams who in his time has produced quite a few memorable performances and also some utter turkeys has turned in one of his least enjoyable performances here. If I was to sit and work out how many bad movies and good movies he has been in I'm afraid to say it is starting to weigh in favour of the bad ones.

He better hurry up and find some better written movies to star in and cover them in a lot less schmaltz or people will get fed up and not waste their time on his movies anymore.

Tall Guy

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