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Beyond The Mat  

This film is a classic.

It unearths the real story behind what we see on TV. It includes the people wanting to break into the business. The people who have made it in the business and finally the people who are very close to their retirement.

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts comes across as the victim of the industry as he is seen totally out of shape working independent shows and addicted to the drugs that he used at his peak. Mick Foley comes across as a great family man especially after he witnesses his children's reaction to his fight at the Royal Rumble against The Rock.
Beyond the Mat
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The final person looked at is Terry Funk who is seen competing at ECW's first Pay Per View show in 1997 and announcing that its time to retire or as wrestlers say in their matches to finish the match; 'GO HOME!

Funnily enough, it is now the year 2000 and since this part of the film was made Terry has worked for WWF and then back to ECW and now he is working for the WCW. So much for retiring!

The tag of being 'The Film Vince McMahon Didn't Want You To See!' shows how in depth it is. However, I still don't think it is better than 'Hitman Hart; Wrestling With Shadows' although I am sure there are many of you who would disagree with me.

To quote WWF; 'GET IT!'

David J Taylor

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