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Better Than Sex  
Better Than Sex (2000)
Country: Australia
Director: Jonathan Teplitzky

David Wenham: Josh
Susie Porter: Cin
Kris McQuade: Taxi Driver

Sex. There's a lot of it in this film. A one night stand between Josh and Cin turns into something more. It doesn't cover new territory, with its depiction of gender wars, opinions about sex and relationships from talking heads (the two main characters' friends). I'm not too sure if there really is anything new to say really (except probably to people who haven't started dating yet, like… 30 yo virgins or something), so really, it depends on how the material is handled and acted out.
I can't say I can totally believe that two people can find something meaningful from what started out as basic as a brief sexual fling (it probably happens to people… just not anyone I know). But Wenham and Porter have considerable talents enough to carry off a slight plot to give their characters enough credibility, performing with naturalness and charm. I have to say that I get disappointed sometimes with the obvious dating clichés trotted out, like how long a woman takes to get ready to go out and the toilet habits of a typical male; to scenes of Josh walking to soulful music after having a bit of a tiff with Cin. But I found this film agreeable enough to overlook its obviousness.
"Better than Sex" is really an adult fairy tale. Besides the obvious romance development angle, there are elements like the wise, all-knowing (and all-meddling) taxi driver who intervenes a fair bit to get the romance going; and the tarty best friend who fails to seduce the leading man away from the leading woman, proving that love conquers all (including a plunging neckline). I can't say very much more about this film. It plays for laughs (the gentle chuckling kind) rather than any emotional or dramatic depth. Still, there are those sex scenes.

Eden Law

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