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Behind Enemy Lines  

Owen Wilson stars as Lieutenant Chris Burnett, a top naval aviator who is shot down over war torn Bosnia in the action drama “Behind Enemy Lines”.

While on a reconnaissance mission, Owen photographs something horrible that was meant to be hidden from the west. When the crazy Bosnian general finds out about it, he orders his troops to take down the F/A-18 Superhornet, hunt down the pilots and kill them.

After witnessing the murder of his pilot by the General’s men, Owen must find a way to survive a hostile foreign land where enemy troops, secret police
and a hitman are trying very hard to find and exterminate him.

His only hope is to outsmart them and buy him enough time for Admiral Reigart (Gene Hackman) to rescue him. Unbeknownst to Owen is that the Admiral is ordered not to attempt a rescue because it might endanger the fragile peace in the area.

Will the Admiral disobey orders to save the life of one of his men trapped behind enemy lines? If you’ve seen the trailer then you won’t have a difficult time
figuring it out.

This film if full of good action mixed with enough tension and suspense to please most action fans. The story doesn’t hold out strongly throughout but still
delivers adequately to keep you interested.

Director John Moore uses a variety of visual effects to give you exciting thrills when things start to stop making sense.

Even though Behind Enemy Lines has many scenes that are just not believable, the action should keep most of you happy and entertained.

3.5 out of 5

Gil Benzeevi

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