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Beautiful Creatures  

One sentence. Thelma and Louise but utter rubbish.

More , you mean you want more information? Oh ok then, seeing as you asked nicely.

Rachel Weisz and Susan Lynch star as two gangsters moll's who go on the run after accidentally killing Weisz's gangster boyfriend.

But whereas Thelma and Louise really did do something with the characters and made you feel for them and CARE for them, you sit through this movie and feel absolutely nothing for either of them.

The dialogue is cheesy and unfunny, and this is rather painful to watch as it is so obvious that they are trying so hard to make it funny. And forced comedy is just plain embaressing.

The movie is directed by Bill Eagles whose only other known directing job was for a TV thing called Weird Shit Happens.Now if weird shit happened in this movie, then I would have said bring it on as it would have at least been interesting to watch, which cannot be said for this movie.

Tall Guy

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