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Every little girl in the world dreams of being in a beauty pageant. Some do some donít the problem is that if it takes over your life thatís no good as in this movie from first time director Sally Field? Itís called Beautiful, Mona Hibbard (Minnie Driver) who comes from a bad home, and always dreams off being an American beauty Queen.

She is willing to do anything to be one, with the help of her best friend Ruby (Joey Lauren Adams) is always there help her to succeed in her dreams. Which Ruby has patience of a saint to put up with Mona mess and believe me she has a lot of mess to deal with.
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Over the years Mona makes her way up the Pageant ladder and end up at the biggest pageant in the USA. Miss American Miss but there is just a little problem she has an illegitimate daughter Vanessa (Hallie Kate Eisenberg) which in the rulebook of the pageant she cannot have one. But she does not give in or give up what in her heart to be a winner. But sometimes when you are trying to be a winner you donít realized you are already a winner.

Beautiful was a funny and heartfelt movie. Director Sally Field did a very good job on this film and shows us she could be a good director as she is an actress.

Here is some thing a like about Beautiful. The story was good it did not drag at all The cast was very good in it, Minnie Driver was very good as the dreamer she played the part to the tee. As well as looking very Beautiful also, Joey Lauren Adams was also very good as her best friend. To be honest she could have been in the pageant as well, Hallie Kate Eisenberg was also very good in her role to keep an eye out for her she could be a great upcoming actress. Of course all the girls in the pageant were very beautiful.

The only thing I did not like in the film was the story line about the best friend get accuse of doing something she did not do it just was so fake. But overall I like Beautiful very much it was a very funny and touching movie. Both women and men should like this film go check it out and see what you think.

© Paul Perkins

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