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Battlefield Earth  

Pulp Fiction resurrected John Travolta's career is Battlefield Earth the one that sends it to the pavement again?

Battlefield Earth is based on the first novel in the very very long series by L. Ron Hubbard . Now as most of you probably know L. Ron Hubbard is the guy who invented Scientology. Guess which religion Travolta is a devotee of? Yup, you're right, Scientology.
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Personally I'm a Christian myself but that doesn't mean I want to make a movie about Christ.

Where do I start about telling you how woeful this movie is. I know let's start with the story. Aliens take over the earth to strip it of its natural resources (have we any natural resources left already ?) and they keep some humans alive as slaves.

But like are the Aliens stupid or what, Travolta who plays Perl one of the aliens decides to educate one of them. Guess what happens next?

Yes the human rebels and starts to lead a revolution against the aliens. Now as the rest of the humans are little more than savages at this stage, so why is it possible for them to suddenly gain the ability to fly jump jets without more than a couple of weeks training? I would have thought it would have taken two weeks to get them to learn to speak again, let alone something most of us now couldn't do?

That absurdity is what sums the movie up really as everything else is just movie cliche after cliche.

If a movie had been made of this when the books had first came out then most of us would have accepted it as a jolly good old romp. But nowadays I would like to think audiences are a bit more sophisticated than that.

Tall Guy

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