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The Bachelor  

Formula, formula, formula

When they wrote the script to this Movie did the writers forget to put in anything that hadn't been done a thousand times before in so many other Movies?

Chris O Donnell stars in this oh so 80's Movie about a guy who has to get married before his 30th Birthday or he doesn't get his massive inheritance. Well woop de doo, do we care? Do we heck. Oh the twist it as well so he only has a day to get married because they only tell him a day before his Birthday, oh and he doesn't want to get married to his long time girlfriend (Rene Zellweger). Oh how exciting.

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Cue tons of scenes with him chasing after all his exes to find someone to marry. Maria Carey for some reason is one of them. Naturally she just loves herself. Erm in the Movies you aren't supposed to be yourself are you ?

This film also jars with the idea that all men don't want to get married and that all women want to do is get all slushy and get married. Talk about stereotypes.

There is little chemistry between the two leads either surely an important factor in a romantic comedy.

Guess what happens in the end , though ?

No I aint revealing 'cos I'm sure you have guessed already.

Tall Guy

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