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Austin Powers : The Spy Who Shagged Me  

Directed By: Jay Roach Starring: Mike Myers x 3, Heather Graham, Seth Green, Verne Troyer, Mindy Sterling, Robert Wagner, Rob Lowe, Will Ferrell Rated: PG-13 (Sexually Suggestive / Gross-out Humor) Running Time: 95 Min.

In this, the first sequel to Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, the super-groovy secret agent once again battles the sinister Dr. Evil. This time, Dr. Evil has travelled back in time to steal Austin's "Mojo", and Austin must travel back to the year 1969 to retrieve it.
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Austin Powers 2 is basically the same formula as the first, including variations on most of the same jokes and situations, (But then, isn't that what being the sequel to a hit movie is all about? Yeah, baby! Yeah!), and Mike Myers, as Austin, Dr. Evil, and baby-craving Scottish henchman Fat Bastard, (yes, you read it correctly), does it with style. There's more Dr. Evil here than in the first, and the film has a lot of fun showing us his sensitive, yet still evil, side.

While most of the film's humor follows the style of the first Austin film, there are times that it lapses into the gross-out There's Something About Mary style for no apparent reason. I won't describe any of those scenes, except to say that most of them are brought to us compliments of Fat Bastard. ('nuf said?)

I also won't mention all the holes in the plot, since the characters in the film do a great job at showing blatant disregard for those holes, sometimes pointing them out for us! They also show no regard for the fact that they rip off the plot devices of many other films besides the obvious James Bond, Matt Helm, and Our Man Flint series. Those other films include Back to the Future, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and even Star Wars!

I found Austin Powers 2 to be funnier than the first, but not better by any means. I do, in fact, prefer the first Austin Powers film to this one. There is a slightly different tone to Austin Powers 2 (Fat Bastard), that doesn't fit with the first film (Fat Bastard), and the changing styles of humor (Fat Bastard), usually slow the pace of the film to a standstill. Another departure from the first film are its musical numbers, which are funny, but not really necessary.

Finally, I must mention one performance in the film that stands above the rest, and it's not by Mike Myers... Rob Lowe, as "Young Number 2" does a brilliant impersonation of Robert Wagner ("Number 2"), that has to be heard to be believed. So perfect, in fact, that many may think that Robert Wagner dubbed his voice over Rob Lowe's.

One last note: If you see this film, watch through the end credits; you won't be sorry.

Allen J. Vestal

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