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Any Given Sunday  

Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino)
Cap Rooney (Dennis Quaid)
Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx)
Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz)
Dr. Harvey Mandrake (James Woods)
Dr. Ollie Powers (Matthew Modine)
Luthur "Shark" Lavay (Lawrence Taylor)
Montezuma Monroe (Jim Brown)
Julian Washington (LL Cool J)

Directed by Oliver Stone

Written by Oliver Stone and John Logan

Rated R for strong language, sexuality, and nudity
Running Time: 165 minutes Distributed by Warner Bros.
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Any Given Sunday is a terrific visual sports drama. Although professional football provides the backdrop of Any Given Sunday, the film is a good story centered on the people in the profession. Tony D'Amato (Pacino) is a legendary coach that is feeling the heat over his team from owner Christina Pagniacci (Diaz). It just seems like everything is going wrong for Tony. His starting quarterback Cap Rooney (Quaid) is injured and his team has lost three games in a row. In steps Willie Beamen (Foxx), the third string quarterback, who rejuvenates the team onto a winning streak. As fame and success go to Willie's head, the mentor coach tries to keep his team and life away from failure and destruction.

Any Given Sunday is a great look at the people in and around professional sports. From the modern-day gladiators of the gridiron, to their coaches and their often-secluded families, to the team owners, who want to control the game. The film focuses on how hard it is to make it professionally in sports, from the stresses and strives for a taste of glory.

Oliver Stone does an outstanding job of writing and directing the film. Stone's direction brings you right in to the loud, bone-crunching atmosphere of football. Then he establishes typical and believable characters to fill his story.

Any Given Sunday is a very entertaining film that will hold your attention from beginning to end. It is an entertaining blockbuster that has a strong presentation of the professional sports world.

Report Card Grade: B+

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