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The Animal  

Cast: Rob Schneider, Colleen Haskell, Michael Caton
Director: Luke Greenfield
Producers: Tom Brady, Barry Bernardi, Carr D'Angelo, Todd Garner, Rob Schneider
Screenplay: Tom Brady, Rob Schneider
Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 85 Mins
More Film info: Click Here Official Website: Click Here Pictures: Click Here
Seen at: Ritz Five, Philadelphia 5-31-01
Animal, The
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A Laugh Riot

Well it now the summer and the movie are starting to roll into theaters. There will be a lot of film coming out over the next 3 months. Here one of them its called The Animal the movie centers on Marvin Mange (Rob Schneider) who is a police evidence file clerk. With dreams of being a Police officer, one night he answer a 911 called and he is the only one there so he goes to the scene.

But on the way there is get in a very freak accident and is rescue from the crash by a shady person (Creature) he is about to become a guinea pig for a bizarre procedure. By Dr. Wilder (Michael Caton) who gives Marvin a operation to fix him up, but the operation he does is a transplant. Not a normal transplant because instead of using human organs he uses animal organs like dogs, cat, horst, sea lion and others.

So Marvin goes back to work and finds out he has some new ability’s then he did before and he find out what he is. All of this as well as falling in love with Rianna (Colleen Haskell) who bring out the animal in him

The Animal was a very funny movie I could stop laughing. Here are some good and bad points about the film.


I like the idea of the film. It was a different type of comedy.
The cast was very funny. Rob did a good job in the film as he did in his last film Deuce Bigalow. The newcomer of the film was Colleen Haskell who did a very good job in her first starting role, the two worked great together.
There were some cameos in the film which one of them was a different change then usually happens in Rob films.
Some of the music was good.
The jokes were very funny and did not have Toilet humor as some film we have seen in the past.
Even so the film is not real. They have some real animal instincts in the film.
The ending was good and caught me off guard.

The film was a tad bit too short it went by so quickly, I wish it were longer.
Overall The Animal was a very funny and good movie. I walked in the film with different expeditions and I was so happy that I like it. The film is worth the price of admission and don’t worried you will laugh you shocks off.

© 2001 Paul Perkins

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