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Angel Eyes  

When someone hits the lottery, do you call them lucky?, or how about when someone just survives a deadly car accident are they lucky? Or are they blessed? That guy or girl you pass by on the street and you two bump into each other was that by accident or did fate destined for you two to meet. That's the main theme in Angel Eyes.
Angel Eyes
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The story centers on two strangers, first of all cop called Sharon Pogue (Jlow or Jennifer Lopez) who is very tough and doesn’t take crap from anyone (my type of woman), who is assigned to a high crime district in the south side of Chicago.

The other is Catch (Jim Caviezel) an odd but harmless loner who will help you if you need help, but has some inner secrets. The two cross paths under life threatening circumstances as they are destined to meet. As the two fall in love they discover each other's secrets and are forced to deal with the stuff from their past, as there life together is just beginning.

If I could describe Angel Eyes in one word it would be Strange. Here are some good and bad points.


Once I got the premise of the film it was ok. Granted we have seen it many times before.
The cast was good. My opinion Jlow is becoming a very good actress.
The Ending was good.

To get the idea of the film you have to wait over a hour. It drags a lot, but it's the kind of dragging that is not boring and makes you wonder what the film is about.
There is one big mistake in the film however, Jennifer Lopez get's shot and when she check herself the bruise from the gunshot is at a different side of her chest from where she was shot and in the next scene it's at the right place!

Overall Angel Eyes was a very strange movie that will leave you wondering what the film is about. Once you know then it does get better but it takes awhile.

© 2001 Paul Perkins

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