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Ace Ventura : Pet Detective  

1994 82 mins
Director. Tom Shadyac
Starring- Jim Carrey - Ace Ventura
Courtney Cox - Melissa Robinson
Sean Young - Lieutenant Lois Einhorn (aka Ray Finkle)
Tony Loc - Emilio "E"
Dan Marino - Himself


The plot of this movie is that Ace Ventura is assigned to track down the Miami Dolphin's mascot - a real, trick performing dolphin and with a few twists and turns that is about it.

This is the film that launched Jim Carrey's career and shows just why he is now one of Hollywood's biggest stars. A lot of Jim Carrey's films are just vehicles for him to display his talent - Ace Ventura 1 & 2, Liar Liar, Cable Guy, Dumb And Dumber etc - with a pretty lame plot. So!

He's absolutely well funny. It's just the same as Robin Williams has done for most of his career - incidentally Tom Shadyac directed Liar Liar, The Nutty Professor and Patch Adams - and he was voted the funniest man in the world a couple of years ago.

Carrey does provide some really funny moments in the film and he alone is what sustains it to the end. I'd even go as far as saying that he is the film because there is nothing else plot or other supporting character wise. But who cares Jim Carrey is funny!!!

I should also add that the 6/10 that I have given it would probably only be valid for the first time you see it because after that, when you know where the laughs are it becomes, pretty tiresome.


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