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28 Days  

Is Rehab a good subject for a funny Movie ?

No, I didn't think so either. From what I've heard isn't rehab supposed to be complete and utter hell? Why then in this Movie does the time people spend their sound like a complete picnic?

Sandra Bullock plays a character called Gwen Cummings whose drinking starts to go beyond what most of us would call acceptable, and she starts to lose control. Both of her drinking and drug usage and this is manifested when she trashes her sister's wedding by crashing one of the wedding cars into a house.

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Court gives her two choices. Jail or Rehab , guess which one she takes? Yes of course she takes the rehab route, who wouldn't. This is one of the things the Movie gets right, rehab is not supposed to be the soft route and her councillor at Rehab (Steve Buscemi) soon puts her right on that.

But this is Hollywood so naturally she tries to buck the system in rehab. But regrettably at this point in the Movie things turn very dull indeed.

In a Movie such as this shouldn't the characters be well written and fleshed out? No such luck , apart from Sandra Bullock they are little more than one note ideas.

Very little information is given about Gwens past either, yes we are told she is a writer but little information beyond that. Surely who a person is/was is important so that we can identify/believe in the character more ?

The last scene in the Movie is also extremely silly as well, and to be honest I am not even going to waste words describing just how silly it is.

Suffice to say that it sums the Movie up in a nutshell. For a Movie about such a dramatic subject is it not a shame that they treat the subject in such a frivoulous manner?

To be honest if you are a Sandra Bullock fan then you will probably enjoy this Movie, but if you haven't already warmed to her charms then don't bother as this Movie won't provide any new reasons to be won over.

Tall Guy

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