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Solid, dependable and getting back to basics - a fitting description both of our man Jamie Oliver and of this Pestle & Mortar. Perfect for pounding those pesky herbs and spices into submission, it should make you feel like a real Naked Chef

Can’t sleep? Try counting sheep the Ally McBeal way in these 100% cotton pyjamas. They’re no guarantee that your life will be quite as dreamy (or separated from reality?) as Ally’s, but they will serve to keep you warm during the long winter nights.

Those who doubted Ally’s ability to hold the style baton with her eyes shut are proved wrong with this stylish set of jimjams. Made of 100% cotton, they’re patterned with clouds as fluffy as Ally’s mind. Perfect for a girls’ night in, they should also guarantee a cosy night’s sleep.

Unavailable and unreliable. These are just a couple of words that come to mind when describing the men in Ally McBeal’s life. However, there is one thing that Ally can rely on to keep her warm at night, and that’s this cosy cotton robe. Available while stocks last (which should be slightly longer than Ally’s average relationship!)

Although Victoria Beckham is far too “posh” to be a convincing Hell’s Angel she certainly knows her stuff when it comes to biker chic. This stylish, elegant jacket is in the style of one which has kept her fashion credibility right up on the podium.

Education is always important, and in between the life lessons she learns from countless vampire slayings, Buffy somehow finds time to attend Sunnydale High. With skills like hers, she needs something to help her seem a little more normal, and this T-shirt is just the thing.

In the case of Ms Halliwell it looks as if Mr Warhol had it all wrong. There was no way she was ever going to be satisfied with a measly 15 minutes of fame and her It's Raining Men video proves that. If you’re looking to turn heads with a touch of postmodern irony, then this vest top should be perfect for you. Just be sure to thank us when you’re so famous even your dog makes the front pages.

Although most think Robbie would have little trouble getting any DJ’s attention, his keks dropping tactic in the Rock DJ video made absolutely certain. In the style of the originals sported by Master Williams and patterned over the crotch to give a hint of the beast that lies within, these delightful pants will ensure your partner keeps their eye on the tiger - and perhaps give you a shot at becoming the biggest Brit winner of all.

If you need an introduction to this fellow you've never been young. Perennial children's favourite Bagpuss comes back to life with this hand-stitched, made to order soft toy. He may be just an old cloth cat, but we (and you) love him anyway.

Jules Winnfield was not a man to be trifled with, and his choice of wallet more than proved it in 1994 seminal classic Pulp Fiction. If you're keen to keep an eye on your readies there's no better choice than this high quality wallet in the style of the one the man himself had in the film.



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