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Region Reviewed: Region 1
Number of Discs
: 1
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Picture: 1.85:1 Anamorphic

Special Features: Making-of featurette, "Action Overload" fast paced montage set to music, Widescreen anamorphic format.

High Heels And Low Lifes Plot:
Here comes the sexy comedy "High Heels And Low Lifes", the hilarious tale of two hot babes who make crime look good, available on DVD and to rent on April 9, 2002 from Touchstone Home Entertainment.

High Heels and Low Lifes

High Heels and Low Lifes
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This outrageous romp stars Minnie Driver and Mary McCormack as two good girls gone wild who plot to blackmail a criminal, but get lots more than they
bargained for.

In "High Heels And Low Lifes", Shannon (Minnie Driver) and Frances (Mary
McCormack) are two friends living in London. Shannons boyfriend Ray (Darren
Boyd) uses his radio scanner to listen in on mobile phone conversations, but
when the girls overhear the details of a planned bank heist, they decide to call the robbers and try to blackmail them. Soon the women are involved in a cat and mouse game with criminal ringleaders Mason (Kevin McNally) and Kerrigan (Michael Gambon), two hardened low lifes who dont realize how tough the high heels are that theyre up against.

High Heels and Low Lifes Review
:Dumb, silly and entirely entertaining, "High Heels and Low Lifes" begins with a high-tech bank robbery -- into the middle of which stumble Shannon (Minnie Driver) and Frances (Mary McCormack), who have gone out and gotten drunk because Shannon's boyfriend forgot her birthday. Thanks to this same boyfriend's surveillance equipment (on which he was creating his "urban noise symphony installation"), they end up with a cell phone number belonging to one of the thieves and decide to experiment with blackmail--an experiment that soon gets them into deep trouble.

Armed with a phone number, they begin a scheme to get paid off or they tell the robbers, the police are informed.

The first drop gets bloody when the gangsters set up their defense to not give the girls a cent and they all get tangled deeper and deeper, raising the stakes as they go along until the final showdown with a predictable ending.

Of course the girls pull it off but there are moments when it seems like theyve lost the game, as youd expect in any action/adventure script worth its salt.

The women have a few moments of interpersonal conflict but that doesnt lead to much character growth nor does it help to strengthen an already strong friendship. But those moments do add a little bit of realism to the process of relationship building among women and give us some beats to break up the action and ground the story into the space between these two women.

Shannon, the more conservative of the two and a nurse, wants to use the money
to help the hospital she works for while Mary wants to fund her rock and roll

Shannon is apparently the dominant of the two because she can't imagine trading all that blood and violence simply for shallow excess and refuses to go along with the plan unless the money is put to humanitarian use as a way to redeem it.

Like Yin and Yang, however, Shannon has a little bit of a yen for shallow excess in her just as Frances has a tiny compassionate streak.

Shannon's nursing comes in handy every time someone gets shot, which is rather frequently in this film. She cant just walk away, but is compelled to stay and help and call the ambulance even for the gangsters.

Not only are the gangsters after the girls and the girls after the money, a couple of bumbling inspectors are trying to piece the case together to solve the robbery and keep getting reports of a blonde and brunette women at the scene of every auxiliary crime they tie into the original robbery.

Through the trail of blood, the women appear and vanish like phantoms even as
they sit right under the inspectors' noses.

To give the women their due, they had gone to the police and reported the crime but the police were too busy to listen to a couple of women who had been out celebrating a birthday.

But as Frances points out, they have more to gain by simply blackmailing the
gangsters. The hospital is given better medical equipment and the girls skim a bit off for their hard work.

The movie is fun to watch, unconventional and extremely amusing. None of the
action is remotely plausible, but the breezy script keeps taking surprising twists, Driver and McCormack are an engaging duo (and they run to and fro in
tight, stylish outfits), and the movie is directed with flair. Fun, frivolous, and unexpected

High Heels and Low Lifes Disc Review: Making-of featurette, "Action Overload" fast paced montage set to music, Widescreen anamorphic format.

The Critical Couch Potato

Overall Rating - MOVIE: 3/5 - DISC: 2/5

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