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Nicolas Cage, Frances O' Connor, Adam Beach, Christian Slater, Noah Emmerich, Brian Van Holt, Martin Henderson, Roger Willie.
Written by Joe Batteer and John Rice
Produced by John Woo, Terence Chang, Tracie Graham, Alison Rosenzweig
Directed by
John Woo

Released by Paramount/ MGM
Official site:
Status: Incoming
ETA: June 14th 2002

Trailer: Windows Media 56k | 100k | 300k

Plot - "In war, there are secrets that need to be kept – and heroes that need to keep them. On December 8, 1941, the United States declared war on Japan. For the next several years, U.S. forces were fully engaged in battle throughout the Pacific, taking over islands one by one in a slow progression towards mainland Japan. During this brutal campaign, the Japanese were continually able to break coded military transmissions, dramatically slowing U.S. progress. In 1942, several hundred Navajo Americans were recruited as Marines and trained to use their language as code. In John Woo’s Windtalkers, written by John Rice & Joe Batteer, Marine Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage) is assigned to protect Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) – a Navajo code talker, the Marines’ new secret weapon. Enders’ orders are to protect his code talker, but if Yahzee should fall into enemy hands, he’s to “protect the code at all costs.” Against the backdrop of the horrific Battle of Saipan, when capture is imminent, Enders is forced to make a decision: if he can’t protect his fellow Marine, can he bring himself to kill him to protect the code? The Navajo code was the only one never broken by the Japanese, and is considered to have been key in winning the war". from MGM.

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Latest Updates


MGM have come up with a ton of new stuff from John Woo's Windtalkers. I've just posted the Windows Media versions of the theatrical trailer in various speeds.

Trailer: Windows Media 56k | 100k | 300k

Over on the right hand side, there are four new images from the movie
featuring Nicolas Cage, Benjamin Bratt and Christian Slater on the top right. Click on the pic to see a larger version, MGM has also released a better description of the films plot, which I have posted towards the top of the page.

I also have links to a short clip from the boot camp training that some of the cast underwent in order to prepare for the movie. The clip features Christian Slater and Noah Emmerich. Check it out by clicking on you connection speed below.

Windows Media - 56k | 100k | 300k


Images (c) Paramount
Take a look at the two new promotional stills from the movie above. Also, if you go on over to Aint It Cool, they have a review of a test screening, sent in by one of their spies. BUT BE WARNED, there are some spoilers regarding the ending of the movie at the bottom of the page.

Joblo has found a trailer for Windtalkers. It's in a really crap quality format but it's worth checking out, just click here. Also, some scooper has reviewed a very rough, three hour director's cut of the movie. Check that out over at Aint it Cool.

- Page added. This is John Woo's first film since Mission Impossible 2. Back on board for this is Nicholas Cage and Broken Arrow's Christian Slater. Other cast members include Adam Beach (Mystery Alaska), the excellent Peter Stormare (Fargo, Chocolat, 8mm), The Truman Show's Noah Emmerich and Kevin Cooney. Expect some stylish filmmaking that we have come to expect from Mr. Woo. After the dissapointing M: I 2, let's hope he's back to best

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Wind talkers & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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