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Undercover Brother  

Undercover Brother Expected Release Date U.S. : May 31st (Subject to change)
Expected Release Date U.K. : Unknown
Expected Rental Release Date :

Undercover Brother Cast : Eddie Griffin, Denise Richards, David Chappelle, Neil Patrick Harris, Billy Dee Williams, James Brown
Director :
Malcolm D. Lee
Undercover Brother Written By :
John Ridley
Producers :
Brian Grazer, Michael Jenkinson, Damon Lee
Other Known Crew Members

Undercover Brother Based On : The Web animated show by Urban Media
Premise/Synopsis : Disguised as mild-mannered Anton Jackson, he's harmless enough for white people to trust him, but as Undercover Brother he's secretly working for the all-black B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D agency in a never-ending battle against the sinister all-white establishment group known as The Man. (Dark Horizons)

Genre : Comedy

Undercover Brother Official Site : | Urban Media
Fan Sites :
Undercover Brother Trailer : Quicktime | Trailer 2: Real/ WMF
Released By : Universal

Undercover Brother Status : Awaiting release

How excited are we about Undercover Brother : 5 Out Of 10

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Latest updates on Undercover Brother

Undercover Brother Updated :


Here we are with some news on the blaxploitation comedy Undercover Brother. On the right is the brand new poster for the film, along with a link to the brand new Quicktime version of the second trailer below.

Undercover Brother: Quicktime trailer (various).

[Click to enlarge]

Yahoo have posted a second trailer for the upcoming comedy Undercover Brother. You can download it in Windows Media and Real formats over at the site. Follow this link to go there.


Undercover Brother is adapted from the Urban Media animation show of the same name, created by John Ridley who also writes this. The film is brought to the big screen by Imagine Entertainment.

Eddie Griffin (th pimp in Deuce Bigalow) takes the lead role(s) of Anton Jackson and Undercover Brother and he is supported by Denise Richards, Neil Patrick Harris and Billy Dee Williams.

Urban Entertainments official site is worth checking out as it features episodes of the animation show. I've just checked out Episode #12 Watch Your Bleepin' Mouth where Undercover Brother kills Eminem. Worth a look, but please over 18's only. Click here for Epsiode 12.

After checking that out, i'm reassured that this won't be another Ladie's Man and could actually be quite good.

Undercover Brother was shot in and around Ontario, Canada and it scheduled for release in the US on May 31st 2002.

Date Page Created : 11/2/2002 Date Last Updated : 5/4/2002

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Undercover Brother& hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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