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The Truth About Charlie

The Truth About Charlie Expected Release Date U.S. : October 12th 2002 (Subject to change)
Expected Release Date U.K. : Late 2002 (subject to change)
Expected Rental Release Date :

The Truth About Charlie Cast : Mark Wahlberg, Thandie Newton, Tim Robbins, Christine Boisson, Jim Brooks, Stephen Dillane, Ted Levine
Director :
Jonathan Demme
The Truth About Charlie Written By :
Steve Schmidt and Jonathan Demme
Producers :
Other Known Crew Members

The Truth About Charlie Based On : The 1963 Cary Grant movie Charade.
Premise/Synopsis :
A young woman (Thandie Newton) in Paris is about to divorce her husband when she discovers... he's dead; and all their money is gone. She meets a mysterious man (Mark Wahlberg), who tells her that the money was really his, and he wants it back, seemingly convinced that she's hiding the cash. Meanwhile, more people end up dead... (from the IMDB)
Genre :

The Truth About Charlie Official Site :
Fan Sites :
The Truth About Charlie Trailer :
Released By :

The Truth About Charlie Status : Post Production

How excited are we about The Truth About Charlie : 8 Out Of 10

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Latest updates on The Truth About Charlie

The Truth About Charlie Updated :

This Jonathan Demme remake of the 1963 Cary Grant movie Charade is getting mixed results from test screenings that have taken place over in the US. A scooper by the name of 'Cath' sent in her opinion....

"[the screening] was "The Truth About Charlie" with Mark Walhberg, Tim Robbins, and the girl from Mission Impossible 2 (Thandie Newton). It was a rough screening and afterwards they asked us to fill out some question sheet.... it stays pretty true to the original plot besides obvious modernisations, directly after seeing the movie I acutally didn't like it, but after a couple days of it sinking in, its starting to grow on me. if they take the advice i gave them on their "survey" , it has the potential to be a great movie......."
Thanks to 'Cath'.

In contrast, Aint It Cool posted another analysis of the screening, this time negative.

"The first problem with this film is that the lead roles, initially played by Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, are portrayed by Mark Wahlberg and Thandie Newton, respectively. While Grant and Hepburn had a crackling romantic dynamic, Wahlberg is woefully miscast, offering a thoroughly leaden performance for the whole show. From their very first encounter, Wahlberg's Joshua Peters and Newton's Regina Lambert produce zero chemistry. There is nothing to engage the viewer, to lead one to care about either of them, or even believe the "romance" that is supposed to be growing between the pair. George Clooney is the only actor who could even begin to fill Cary Grant's drip-dry suit, and as my friend noted, he already did that in Out of Sight, which is far more deserving of the mantle of the modern Charade. Thandie Newton is fine; that is to say that she does nothing wrong in her part. It is simply that the material she is presented is relentlessly devoid of passion, suspense, or tension of any kind. The only two performances in the film that are truly bad are those from Mark Wahlberg and Tim Robbins. Robbins, assuming the role played by Walter Matthau in the original, is awful--his character is set up as the dramatic and emotional lynchpin in the climactic scene, and it all comes to naught. Robbins even apes Matthau's speech patterns, to (unintentional) comedic effect". Check out the full article at AICN.


The Truth About Charlie began its shoot on March 12th 2001 in Paris and wrapped in July 2001.

The film sees Mark Wahlberg in the lead role opposite M:I2 siren Thandie Newton, who returns to acting after having a baby. They join Tim Robbins, Christine Boisson, Jim Brooks, Stephen Dillane and Ted Levine.

More news on The Truth About Charlie as we get it!

Date Page Created : 9/1/2002 Date Last Updated : 12/4/2002

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of The Truth About Charlie & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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