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Slackers Expected Release Date U.S. : February 1st 2002
Expected Release Date U.K. : 2002
Expected Rental Release Date :

Slackers Cast :
Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman, James King, Laura Prepon, Jason Segal, Mary Faulkner, Robert B. Martin Jnr
Director :
Dewey Nicks
Written By :
David H. Steinberg
Producers :
Neal Moritz
Other Known Crew Members

Slackers Based On : Original story.
Premise/Synopsis :
Three 'slackers' try to get through high school by doing as little work as possible, then the school nerd catches on to their scams and blackmails them in order to win over the girl of his dreams.
Genre :

Official Site : Sony
Fan Sites : So Cool So Devon
Trailer : WMP: Low Res | Med Res | High Res - Real Low | Med | High

Released By : Sony

Status : Incoming

How excited are we : 6 Out Of 10
Our Preview Opinion :

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Latest updates

Wanna see some footage from Slackers? Well, a clip is now available online (very poor quality though) of Marie Van Doren getting a sponge bath. Over 18's click here.


Jess over at SoCoolSoDevon sent me loads of info on Slackers plus the promo poster above. Take it away Jess;

After changing the name from "The Best and the Brightest" to "The Hook Up", "Hooking Up Ethan", "The Undergrads", "Scam" the producers have finally picked "Slackers" as their number 1 title to be! And in the summer until November 1st, Slackers WAS going to be released on January 18th 2002, but now it's gonna be released in February. Thanks to Upcoming Movies for this news: With Sony now expanding Black Hawk Down on January 18th, this film is looking for a new date. (11/10/01) And that new date is February 1st, where Sony's The Panic Room used to be.

Some on the clock actors prefer to spend downtime in the privacy of their trailers as soon as the director shouts "CUT!" but the six stars of 'The Best & The Brightest' can't seem to get enough of each other! "We watch each other do scene's when we're not even in them!" says Jason Schwartzman,who stars as a nerdy college student blackmailing his scam-artist classmates Devon Sawa, Micheal Maronna & Jason Segel after he catches them cheating on a test. His demand?? They've got to help him land a date with a sexy campus chick. Which is played my supermodel James King. The sextet-which includes 'That seventies shows' Laura Prepon as James' best friend-clicked so well that Jason Schwartzman hardly blushed when he had to do a scene in front of the whole cast while only wearing his briefs!!" They were like do it take of your pants!!" The 20-year-old recalls laughing. The actors still admit to a few on-screen jitters, says Devon, 22, who'll be baring more than his soul in a romantic scene with James. (The actor promises that you'll see a few shots of his naked butt.) Devon also says "I've been drinking protein shakes & lifting a lot of weights." Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA University of California, Riverside, California, USA.

Thanks Jess.


Check out this short but rather positive review of Slackers, just sent over by 'Aaron'.

" I came home 2 months ago after living in Australia with my fiance over the last year. A producer and a guy who creates film previews lived above us and brought us Slackers one night to watch. Supposedly, the company that owned the rights went bankrupt and the movie was put on a shelf. Well, we watched it one night and continued to watch it everynight for a week. It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. My fiance and I love watching movies, and we have definitely seen our share of funny ones. I have never seen a movie with quite the same spin as Slackers. Take American Pie, the scene where he is nailing the pie in the kitchen....that was embarrassing to watch, but muliply it by 1000 and you have Slackers. Slackers goes above and beyond any embarrassment I have ever encountered while watching a movie. There were some scenes that I actually put a pillow in front of my face because I couldnt believe what I was seeing. Hey, I have farted in an elevator filled with people, while in college I was stripped and forced to run naked through my campus, I have even been caught having sex with a woman by her father....what I am trying to say is, I am not easily embarrassed. Prepare yourself, and if you are smart, you will see this movie on an outing with the guys from Fridays poker night. Dont take your wife or fiance, and you should as hell better not take your mother...." (sent in by Aaron)

I've also posted links to the films official website and the trailer (see above). The film is released on February 1st 2002 in the US.

Updated : 27/7/01
The plot of Slackers is about a group of teenagers who lie, cheat and steal their way through high school. Take a look at our Cheaters page to see that the plot is very similar. Cheaters will be released by New Line, while this is being distributed by Sony's Screen Gems in the US. Screen Gems picked up the title from Destination Films after their demise. Desination were to release the film back in April, but it's though that Sony will hang on until the early part of next year. Cheaters is released in the US this Spetember.

Starring in the movie are Devon Sawa (Final Destination), Jason Schwartzman, the lovely James King (Pearl Harbor) as Angela the girl averyone's after and Laura Prepon (That 70's Show).

Slackers was previousley known as The Best and the Beautuful, Scam, The Hook-Up, Hooking Up Ethan and The Undergrads.

Date Page Created : 27/7/2001 Date Last Updated : 17/12/2001

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Slackers & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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