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The Rules Of Attraction  

The Rules Of Attraction Expected Release Date U.S. : October 2002
Expected Release Date U.K. : 2002
Expected Rental Release Date :

The Rules Of Attraction Cast:
James Van Der Beek, Shannyn Sossamon, Eric Stoltz, Kip Pardue, Thomas Ian Nicolas, Jessica Biel
Director :
Roger Avary
Written By :
Roger Avary
Producers :
Other Known Crew Members

The Rules Of Attraction Based On : The novel by Bret Easton Ellis
Premise/Synopsis :
Set in New England during the 80's, The Rules Of Attraction is based around three students who have no particular plans for the future, who get involved in a curious romantic triangle.
Genre :
Erotic Drama

Official Site :
Fan Sites :
Trailer : Quicktime | Trailer 2 (X-Rated): Quicktime
Released By : Lions Gate Films

Status : Shooting (from August 13th)

How excited are we : 6 Out Of 10

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Latest updates

I'm a little late in posting this X rated trailer for The Rules Of Attraction, but here it is none the less. Oh, and don't expect to see this in theaters!!!

The release date for The Rules Of Attraction has been pushed back from the Spring to October of this year (US).


The trailer for The Rules Of Attraction is now available for download online over at director Roger Avary's official site.

A report on Rules Of Attraction was printed in the January 2002 issue of Total Film magazine. Included were the two stills on the right. The one of the top features Clifton Collins Jr (on the left) holding a gun at James Van Der Beeks head (right). The other still, weel I don't really know what's going on there, but the original photo features what looks to be some sort of ritual going on around the burning figure. Perhaps a reader of th book by Bret Easton Ellis can fill me in. Total Film got a quote from Van Der Beek regarding the gay scene her has to do in the movie, " I want people to be surprised. If they know it's going to
happen, the effect won't be nearly as tremendous".

Images Total Film
He said. Van Der Beek went on to explain his character as "an emotional vampire".

Four new cast members have joined The Rules Of Attraction. Kip Pardue, Thomas Ian Nicolas, Jessica Biel and one Eirc Stoltz who starred in director Roger Avary's Killing Zoe.

Updated : 3/8/01
The second Bret Easton Ellis novel to be adapted into a movie after American Psycho, which incidently was written after this novel. Patrick Bateman, the main character in American Psycho also appearers in this, as he's the older brother of Sean Bateman, who leads this, played by James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek).

From what I have read about the novel online, is that as well as sexy and dramatic, the book is also extremely funny too (as I thought American Psycho was). The novel is also set in the 80's so whether they'll bring the story up to date or base it in that era, we'll have to wait and see.

It's still not known as to whether Christian Bale will reprise his role as Patrick Bateman for the small appearence that he makes in the novel.

Roger Avary helms the feature and adapts the novel. Avary for those no in the know co-wrote Pulp FIction with Quentin Tarantino and also directed Killing Zoe. Go to, as director Roger Avary's filmmakers journal provides more in depth information about the production of The Rules Of Attraction and also why he decided to cast James Van Der Beek in the role of Sean Bateman.

Date Page Created : 3/8/2001 Date Last Updated : 3/2/2002

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of The Rules of Attraction & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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