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Red Dragon  
Starring Edward Norton (Will Graham), Anthony Hopkins (Lector), Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Ralph Fiennes (Dollarhyde), Harvey Keitel (Jack Crawford), Mary Louise Parker (Mrs Graham), Emily Watson (Reba).
Written by
Ted Tally (based on the novel by Thomas Harris)
Directed by
Brett Ratner

Official site: n/a
Fan Sites:
(fansite on the original movie adaptation of Red Dragon, Manhunter).
View the trailer: n/a

Released by Universal
Plot: Detective Will Graham is the man responsable for putting evil Dr. Hannibal Lector behind bars, now he's been assigned to go after a new serial killer, nicknamed 'the tooth fairy' and, there's only one man that can help him...Lector himself.

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Latest updates

22nd May 2002: Red Dragon Update:
The first teaser poster for Brett Ratner's upcoming adaptation of the popular book Red Dragon by Thomas Harris online. The new movie, previousley filmed as Manhunter by Michael Mann sees Anthony Hopkins return as Hannibal Lecter alongside Edward Norton and Ralph Fiennes. Corona's Coming Attractions were first to score the poster, which features the torso of the film's serial killer 'The Tooth Fairy'.

Click on the image of the right to enlarge.

>> Check out our Red Dragon preview page.

The Baltimore Sun printed a report about Red Dragon, which is currently shooting in the city. They describe a scene that involves Phillip Seymour Hoffman who plays a sleazy tabloid reporter.

"The tabloid reporter eases his bronze Lincoln Versailles up Calvert Street, turns left on Franklin. His arm dangling out the window, cigarette in hand, press pass perched on the dashboard, he motions to the parking lot attendant and swings a little recklessly into the garage of the National Tattler".

The article also goes into detail about a scene that invloves the death of one of the films characters. Mouse over the text below to reveal.

'Those who despise slimy journalists might not mind seeing this one get his comeuppance. In a scene shot yesterday at sundown, Hoffman's character - actually a stunt double in latex - is tied to a wheelchair, set on fire and pushed down a hill. The parking lot attendant's screams during rehearsal could be heard a block away'. For a pic taken on set, click here.

For the rest of the article click on over to, but beware of very heavy spoilers.

Brett Ratner and producer Martha de Laurantis have been talking to Entertainment Weekly about Red Dragon, the prequel to Silence Of The Lambs.

"Red Dragon" will open with some brand-new scenes. For the first time, we'll see the capture of Hannibal Lecter -- a sequence that's shown only in flashback in the book. According to co-producer Martha De Laurentis, Harris himself came up with the idea to start the new movie by showing Lecter as a free man before anyone knew he was a serial killer. In a scene hinted at in "Silence of the Lambs," Lecter will serve a (gulp) gourmet dinner to a group of guests unfamiliar with his culinary predilections.

The filmmakers are confident that Hopkins (who won an Oscar for his first portrayal of Lecter) will be convincing as a younger Hannibal. Despite rumors to the contrary, they say there are no plans to use computer-generated imagery to alter his appearance. "I think audiences are pretty forgiving," Ratner says. "Maybe at first glance you're like, 'oh no, he doesn't look younger.' But then hopefully you're immersed in the drama of the film."

Plus, in the absence of Lecter's perversely affectionate relationship with Clarice Starling (the character is, of course, absent from "Red Dragon") Hopkins will get to portray a different side of the cannibal. Says Ratner: "Hannibal Lecter in this movie is much more still, much more tense, much more angry.... He is Manson. He's a crazy..." (more).

It's thought that Anthony Hopkins has been told to exercise regularly and have facials to make him look younger for the film.

8/1/02 (2nd update)
Brett Ratner has been speaking with about Red dragon. He says that the film will be more faithful to Thomas Harris' book that Manhunter, the novels previous movie outing.

"Manhunter was cool when it came out, but my script is written by Ted Tally, who won the Academy Award for writing Silence Of The Lambs. He didn't write Manhunter or Hannibal.

"This is really inspired by the book and it's way closer to the book than Manhunter. Manhunter was kind of inspired by Red Dragon the book. Red Dragon the movie is literally an interpretation of the book. Manhunter, I think they even changed the name because it wasn't close to what the book was. And it ends more like the book. The end of Manhunter had nothing to do with the book at all." Ratner added: "Anthony Hopkins is on a workout regimen. He's lost 20 pounds. He's back to the weight that he was when he did Silence Of The Lambs."

Vinnie Jones appeared on a New Years Eve show over here in the UK, I think it was hosted by Jonathan Ross (Film 2001), and he said that he had gone for a role in Red Dragon. He said he tried out for the part using an American accent, but admitted it was very bad. Seems like the filmmakers are changing the part to a guy with an English accent to suit him. But which part is it? I haven't heard that the role of the newspaper journo that [spoiler, mouse over] becomes Francis Dollarhydes first victim in the film, has been cast yet or not. Then again it could be another minor role.

Major update on casting for Red Dragon. Since the site has just got back up and running, here's a recap on what's been going on with the casting for Red Dragon. Well, since we posted last Harvey Keitel has signed on the dotted line to play Jack Crawford, the role made famous by Scott Glenn in 'Silence Of The Lambs' and Dennis Farina in 'Manhunter'. Mary Louise Parker is to play Will Graham's wife in the movie and Ralph Fiennes is in talks to play The Tooth Fairy, Francis Dollarhyde, the films serial killer.

I've read various reports that director Brett Ratner is to use digital effects to make Anthony Hopkins appear younger in the film, as this is a prequel to both Silence Of The lambs and Hannibal.

Dark Horizons reports that Red Dragon will be scored by Cliff Martinez (Traffic) and not Danny Elfman as previously rumoured.

The Hollywood Reporter say that Emily Watson is to play Reba, the blind woman played by Joan Allen in Manhunter. Reba works in the same place as the novels serial killer, 'The Tooth Fairy'. The other casting rumour that's about is that Scott Glenn and Anthony Heald will reprise their roles from Silence Of The Lambs as Jack Crawford and Dr. Chiltern. Jack Crawford was played by Dennis Farina in Manhunter.

12/8/ 01
This month's edition of Total Film indictates that Danny Elfman will do the score for Red Dragon. (originally appeared at Dark Horizons).

13th Street today posted an article that stated that Edward Norton will take the role of WIll Graham in Red Dragon. The role of Graham in the 1986 Michael Mann adaptation of Red Dragon entitled manhunter was played by William L. Peterson. This news dispells rumours of Nicolas Cage taking the part although the actor did confirm that he wanted to play Graham as well as the notorious serial killer, 'The Tooth Fairy'. Smilin' Jack Ruby at 13th Street now believes that the role of the 'Tooth Fairy' will go to an unknown actor. Anthony Hopkins is expected to reprise his role for the third time as Hannibal Lector. Meanwhile Ananova say that Red Dragon will commence its shoot in November of this year.
More news as we get it.

Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) has confirmed on E! News that he will direct the prequel to Hannibal and The Silence Of The Lambs, Red Dragon.

Yet another actor has been attached to this Silence Of The Lambs prequel. Alec Baldwin, next seen in Pearl Harbor, has expressed an interest. Pearl Harbor's director, Michael Bay, however, has stated that he is not going to direct Red Dragon.

Aint It Cool report that Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Bad Boys) has read Ted tally's script and had had a meeting regarding directing Red Dragon and Nicolas Cage may take the lead role as Will Graham. Not sure about these choices myself. Nicolas Cage may work as Will Graham, but Bay is not the director for this movie, although with his superb visual style, he may bring something different to the film. It's not a definate yet though.

More news on that Ted Tally script. Aint It Cools 'Quint' posted a script review of his script. The draft that he saw is dated April 23rd 2001 and he believes that it is the latest draft. So get yourselves to AICN.


Page created. Originally filmed as Manhunter back in 1986 by 'Heat' director Michael Mann, Red Dragon is the name of the novel written by Thomas Harris. Ted Tally, the guy responsable for The Silence Of The Lambs' screenplay has taken on adapting this, the first in the 'Hannibal' trilogy. Behind the remake is Dino De Laurentis who recentley produced Hannibal. Rumours are that Ted Tally has already handed in his first draft although Anthony Hopkins has said that he will be more interested in doing a sequel to Hannibal instead of this, which would obviousley be a prequel to both that movie and Silence Of The Lambs. Jude Law's named has come up to replace Hopkins if he decides to pass on Red Dragon.

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Red Dragon & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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