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The Adventures Of Pluto Nash  
Starring Eddie Murphy, Randy Quaid, Jay Mohr, Joe Pantonliano, Rosario Dawson, Peter Boyle, Illeana Douglas, Pam Grier, James Rebhorn
Written by
Neil Cuthbert
Directed by
Ron Underwood

View the trailer: Quicktime

Released by Warner Brothers
Spring 2002 (put back from April 2001)
Pluto Nash owns a nightclub on the Moon in the year 2087 and gets himself into a bit of bother when he refuses to sell it to the local mob.

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Latest updates


Joblo scored this exclusive yesterday, the new poster for the Eddie Murphy space comedy, The Adventures Of Pluto Nash.

The film has been delayed from early 2001, but is due to hit cinemas in the next couple of months.

Click the poster to go to Joblo, who have posted the larger version.

It seems that Pluto Nash, the new sci-fi comedy from Eddie Murphy may have its release pushed back. This appeared on Ananova this morning.

"The release date for Eddie Murphy's new film has been delayed while he shoots additional scenes.
Murphy stars alongside Randy Quaid and Peter Boyle in the science fiction film Pluto Nash. Filming started in April last year and the movie was due to be released in January, but it is now slated for release early next year. Pluto Nash stars Murphy as a nightclub owner on the moon, under pressure to sell the club to the local mob boss."

We did already suspect that the film would not surface until 2002, but this report confirmed it.

Page created. In this, Eddie Murphy plays a nighclub owner on the Moon, Randy Quaid plays his robot sidekick, Bruno, Rosario Dawson is Dina Lake, a young singer, Pam Grier plays Nash's mother and Jay Mohr from Jerry Maguire fame plays his best mate Tony Francis. Joe Pantioliano is to play a 'thug' in the movie, in my opinion he's probably one of the mobsters (as he always is). The film has been labelled 'Casablanca on the moon', but Warner Bros. seem to maybe have a few problems with getting it to theaters. The film will now be released in the spring of next year, nearly two years after it started production and a full year after its initial release date.

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Pluto Nash & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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