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K19 The Widowmaker  
Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Peter Saarsgard, Shaun Benson.
Written by Christopher Kyle and Louis Nowra
Directed by Kathryn Bigalow

Official website

Trailer: Quicktime (Various)

Status: Post-Production
Released by 20th Century Fox
ETA: 2002

Plot - A true story. Harrison Ford plays a Captain of a Russian submarine, named K-19, who is fighting a race against time in order to prevent a nuclear explosion. An event that not only puts his crew's lives in jeopardy, but also could threaten nuclear war.

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20th May 2002: K19 Update:
Just added the first official teaser for K19 - The Widowmaker directed by Kathryn Bigalow. Check it out at the top of the page.

The first trailer from Kathryn Bigalow's K19 - The Widowmaker is now online, brought to us by the Apple website. Pretty cool it is too. Download it now.

Also, Aint It Cool picked up a story from a scooper that attended the Showest convention in Las Vegas,

"They had the trailer playing continuously, and even treated Sho West attendees to a submarine simulator ride. They clearly had the most creative and memorable presentation in the dealer room. As for K19 itself? Based on the trailer, I don't really have an opinion yet. I want it to kick ass! Kathryn Bigelow is capable of really amazing stuff, and God knows that Harrison Ford really needs this, but the trailer lacks punch in my opinion. Still, I'm guessing the movie will be huge". (more)

Couldn't agree more.

HarrisonFordWeb have been talking release dates for K19 The Widowmaker. The IMDB apparently lists the film to be released in Argentina on 13th December of this year. Most of Ford's movies have been released about a month before in the US, meaning that the film would be released in the States in mid-November. The site does however state that a lot of movie sites on the web list the film as being released in the early part of next year. I heard that this was the case from a number of sources too.

The IMDB also says that the film will be disrtibuted in North America by Paramount.

Paramount Pictures are in talks to distribution rights for K19 in North America. This from Variety, "Fox-based producer New Regency Entertainment had initially outbid the studio in January, but was then unable to come to terms with Intermedia, the film's financier and producer. Sources on all sides said the parting was amicable......The "K-19" production has faced several behind-the-scenes hiccups, including a lawsuit claiming that Intermedia stole the project from another production company, as well as complaints from sub survivors and their families that the script put the sailors in an unfairly harsh light." The same article confirmed that Harrison Ford's character has changed names, from Captain Zateyev, the name of the real Russian sailor to Alexi Vostrikov. (Thanks to Eileen)

This from Harrison Ford Web; "There will be some scenes in the movie where the actors will be aged about 20 years. This will be for the parts where some of them will reflect back on the event in 1961. Not sure if Harrison or Liam will be aged but I thought it was interesting Harrison had filmed scenes over in Russia at a cemetary. Could this be one of those type scenes".Cool. Can this site get any more info? Nice work guys!!!

Update: 9/4/01

Two new pics plus a lot more over at HarrisonFordWeb have been posted. Click on the two above to enlarge. Mainly on set shots in Halifax. The one on the top left shows Ford stood in front of the guy with the red coat on. The photo on the left shows a bust of Stalin (prop).

Update: 8/4/01
- The ever reliable source that is HarrisonFordWeb have posted a near complete cast list over at their K19 preview page. Follow this link to check it out.

16/3/01 - Dark Horizons found this script review of the movie over at TNMC. Check it out by clicking here

15/3/01 -

Added this pic (above) of the Russian-Juliet class sub in K19.

Update 15/3/01

Added another couple of pics of Harrison Ford on the set of K19 (above).

Update 13/3/01
- This comes direct from the K19 fansite over at They have had some news from a worker on the set of the movie confirming that Ford is speaking with a Russian accent. His manager also finally put an end to those pay rumours, this was published in The New York Post, "It's a total fabrication. Harrison has been working on the script and casting for three months, he travelled to London with the director to meet with Tom Stoppard before he came in and did a rewrite. The shoot is four and one-half months long, and he's working every single day". The fansite has a lot of stills from the set of the movie and are worth a look so click here to do that. Source: HarrisonFordWeb

7/3/01 - Liam Neeson appeared on 'The View' TV show and rubbished speculation about Harrison Ford' s $1 million + per day wage. "I don't know where that rumor started. I know for a fact Mr. Ford is on this film, the length, the duration I am on it, which is something like working 73 days. So where this 20 days, I honestly don't know. He is worth every dollar. That's what i say. Absolutely he is. Because he pulls it in. He draws and people pay the money. He is a huge iconic star and he deserves it". Thanks to Dark Horizons

- The LA Times scored a shot from the set featuring director Kathryn Bigalow and Harrison Ford himself, click here to go there. They also ran a story on the controversy surrounding the film, click here to check it out.

- Production started on February 19th 2001 in Russia. The film will then relocate to Toronto on March 12th and then Halifax, Nova Scotia in April. The shoot is expected to last 55 days. Source: Upcoming Movies

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of K19 The Widowmaker & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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