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The Italian Job  

The Italian Job Expected Release Date U.S. : 2003 (Subject to change)
Expected Release Date U.K. : 2003 (subject to change)
Expected Rental Release Date :

The Italian Job Cast : Mark Wahlberg
Director :
F. Gary Gray
The Italian Job Written By :
Donna and Wayne Powers
Producers :
Other Known Crew Members

The Italian Job Based On : The original 1969 classic of the same name starring Michael Caine and Noel Coward.
Premise/Synopsis :
Stylish heist yarn starring Michael Caine as the leader of a group of thieves who disguise themselves as football fans to rip off a cache of gold in Turin.
Genre :

The Italian Job Official Site :

Fan Sites :
The Italian Job Trailer :
Released By: Paramount Pictures

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The Italian Job Status : In Development

How excited are we about The Italian Job : 2 Out Of 10

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Latest updates on The Italian Job

The Italian Job Updated :

If I was any young actor in Hollywood that had a choice in the roles I took, i'd steer well clear of this, but one of Hollywood's A-list has signed on to play the Michael Caine part, Charlie Croker in F. Gary Gray's Italian Job remake. And he is none other that Mark Wahlberg, star of last summer's average Planet Of The Apes remake.

Empire Online also providing more information on the film's plot by saying that 'The classic is being transformed from a light comedy into a “high-octane” heist movie with a much harder edge. Los Angeles will take over from Turin as the scene of the gold bullion robbery which will again use a massive traffic jam as the basis of the escape. The revamped Mini will also be making an appearance'. So where does Italy come in to all of this?
The Italian Job? The original was set in Turin......this will be set in LA. Well here's how they got 'round that one, the film will actually start in Italy, but the robbery will take place in Los Angeles.

And the new Mini, now owned by BMW, will feature in the film to tie in with its launch in the US.

The Hollywood Reporter today announced that The Negotiator and Friday director F. Gary Gray will direct a remake of the classic 1960's British film The Italian Job. The original is still up there as one of my favourite films of all time along with those other Caine classics The Ipcress File and Get Carter, another great British film that Hollywood has remade and indeed 'balls-ed up'. Do I not like the idea of this either! The Italian Job is a classic! One that you must leave alone and respect its original genius. This time, the action will apparently switch to LA with a lot of the action still taking place in Italy (obviously).

The possibility of the announcement meaning anything to me would to see the film being produced in Britain with title, 'The Italian Job' - and 'A Guy Ritchie Film' above it. Then i'd be at least little excited.

But, alas, the screenplay has been written by Donna and Wayne Powers, who scripted the okay-ish Deep Blue Sea and Valentine. Gray, who helmed the 'average' The Negotiator and the even more 'average' Friday will kick things off in either July or August of this year will a summer 2003 release.

Nobody has been cast in the film as of yet but if you want to take a look at the original film, which is one of the great
British comedy capers of the 1960's, and indeed the film that launched the Mini, click here to order the film on UK VHS or here for US VHS. You won't be dissapointed, trust me!

More news on The Italian Job as we get it!

Date Page Created : 20/3/2002 Date Last Updated : 11/2/2002

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of The Italian Job& hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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