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Hell To Pay  
Starring Dave Courtney, Billy Murray, Sall Farmiloe, Jo Guest, Nick Bateman, Michael Biggs, Gary Bushell, Nigel Benn, Goldie.
Written by
Directed by

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Released by Unknown
June 2002 (UK)
Plot: "The plot is about two brothers who own a gang in London. One of them goes to prison, and the other one gets used to being in charge of the gang on his own and would like his brother to stay inside". (from BBC Online)

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Latest updates

Rebecca sent us in an update of the British gangster film Hell To Pay.

"Hell to Pay is due for cinema release June 2002. Garry Bushell who is in the film now has a website The band who supply the title track and other songs are street-punk band 'The Business' and Steve Whale the guitarist from the Business is also in the film".

(thanks to Rebecca)

6/7/01 have posted a section on the films premiere over in Cannes last month. The section covers the whole Hell To Pay Cannes experience and there are also a couple of pics too. Check it out.


Page created.
I've just finished reading the autobiography of Dave Courtney, entitled 'Stop The Ride I Want To Get Off', a truly excellent read and possibly one of the most interesting, witty and downright hilarious books I ever laid my eyes on. While reading it, I thought, man this book would make one great movie, and indeed at one point it is rumoured that Quentin Tarantino was interested in adapting it for the screen. With the number of projects he's got in the works, I think it'll be a while before it happens, if it happens, of which I hope it will (an interview Dave Courtney gave to two years ago reported that he has sold the rights for a movie about his life for £10 million!). Dave Courtney for those who don't know is an ex-villain as he likes to call himself and is best known as the inspiration for Vinnie Jones' character Big Chris in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Remember the sunbed scene? That really happened.

Anyway after completing the novel, I decided to find out a little more info on it's author and I discovered, he's in the process of making a movie, entitled Hell To Pay. Now I've found it difficult to find much info on the project but I discovered that the movie features Billy Murray (from the TV series 'The Bill'), Sally Farmiloe (Howards Way), Jo Guest (Page 3 beauty and TV presenter), Nick Bateman (from Big Brother), Garry Bushell (Sun newspaper coulmnist), Goldie (musician, had roles in Snatch and The World Is Not Enough), Nigel Benn (ex-boxer and DJ), Michael Hancock (Spider in Coronation Street), Rhino (from UK's Galdiators), Michael Biggs (Ronnie's son, in a small role as a prison officer) and Dave himself, playing himself. The Virgin Radio website also states that Welsh band Sterophonics front man Kelly Jones was also asked to star in the film, although I have nothing to confirm that he did. I have read on a couple of sites that both Robbie Williams father plays a policeman in the film and John Altman (Eastenders' Nick Cotton) also appears. An interview with Terry Turbo on their One Nation website states that Ray Winstone also stars?

This is what I know of the production. Hell To Pay was filmed in a Portsmouth scrapyard, just off the M275. In the film, Dave has made everything as authentic as possible, quote 'The gangsters play gangsters, taxi drivers are taxi drivers and pole dancers are pole dancers' (from BBC online). In fact he's employed most of his mates to star in the movie too. The film is mainly improvised. The films budget was £1 million and is funded entirely by Dave Courtney and it was edited in his Plumstead home.

More information as I receive it.

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Hell To Pay & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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