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Halloween: Ressurection  
Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Busta Rhymes, Sean Patrick Thomas, Brad Loree, Bianca Kajlich.
Written by
Larry Brand
Directed by
Rick Rosenthal

View the trailer: Windows Media | Quicktime

Released by
Dimension Films
Summer 2002
Plot: Michael Myers is back! This time he returns to his home town of Haddonfield, where a group of journalists are broadcasting a live web event with them exploring the deserted Myers residence.

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Latest updates

7th may 2002 : Halloween: Resurrection Update:
The Apple site have posted a higher quality trailer for Halloween: Resurrection over at their site, along with the teaser poster, which i've inserted at the top of the page. Click here for the trailer.

6th May 2002: Halloween: Resurrection Update:
The trailer for Halloween: Resurrection is now up over at Yahoo Movies. The trailer is available in Windows Media (streaming) format only. Go on over to Yahoo to check it out.

The Dimension Films site has been update with a synopsis that confirms the film is based around a group of students that set up camp in Michael Myers house and broadcast their experience over the internet. The site also states that the film is due 'Summer 2002'.

We've also had a couple of emails from a scooper named 'Lee', who has provided us with some major plot spoilers for Halloween 8. Some of this we already know, but some we haven't heard anywhere before.


"I know very rare information about Halloween 8, at the end of H20 Michael [Myers] is stabed and thrown off a balcony but that should not stop him so near the end of the film the FBI and paramedics get there and put him in a body bag (etc etc), well Laurie chops his head off and thats the end of that. Well that's what everyone thinks - well this is what really happened".

"When he is thrown off the balcony they collect him and put him in a body bag but just as one of the paramedics is putting him into the ambulance he attacks the paramedic (how he recovers from his head being hacked of is revealled by Lee in the last paragraph) and knocks him out, Micheal then put's his mask on the paramedic that has just been killed, zips the body bag up and puts the paramedics clothes on and waits for Laurie but she drives off in the van, as she drives away the one paramedic that walks away is Micheal, so in number 8 Laurie is now moved on and the film focuses on four teenagers which set up a web site and a internet broadcast about Micheal's house but as the project gets more and more famous, there is a murder out side of town, it turns out it is Laurie Strodes body, they officially stop broadcasting over the internet but that wont stop Micheal so he hunt's them down and kills them one by one".

Lee then goes back to the first scene of the movie and describes how Myers recovers from his head being chopped off at the end of halloween H:20.

"1st scene: It takes [follows on from] the end of Halloween H20, you see when she chops his head off. [In Halloween 8], you also see how Micheal Myers escapes from the scene. It then goes to the saniturim where she is staying then a police officer tells her that she killed a paramedic instead of Myers, she panics, the officer leaves to go back to his car. The next night she dresses her self and goes to escape out the hospital and rings her son to warn him, as she out side of town she is being followed by someone but she does not know who it is".

'Thanks to Lee'.

As we haven't updated for a little while, here's 'Marc' who has the latest on Halloween 8.

Here is a bit of news ruffling a few feathers at the moment. According to, Halloween 8 is in more than a bit of trouble. It has supposedly been put back once again, now being released in Summer 2003. Rick Rosenthal has been sacked because of the hack job he has made and Steve Miner (H20) brought in. Akkad is also reported to be so angry at what this series has turned into that he has said this is absolutly the last part (that bit just sounds weirder than the rest). Obviously this is, at the moment, speculation as there is no offical confirmation as of yet. (Thanks to Marc).

There are rumours now circulating the web that the film may have to be pushed back following the first cut of the film being finished. Dark Horizons today reported that Moustapha Akkad let slip on a Canadian talk show that he was unhappy with the rough cut and that the released may be pushed back. Meanwhile, the site that broke the above news, Website Of The Bogeyman have posted a couple of pics of the new mask. (originally appeared at Dark Horizons).

There's a lot of information posted on an Forum regarding Halloween: The Homecoming. The author has a chat with Thomas Ian Nicholas about his role in the film and also reveals more details about the films plot, "We have six college students that have all been selected by Busta Ryhmes and Tyra Banks, which they’re really, really fun people. Busta’s really funny. Anyway, we’ve all been selected to stay overnight in Michael Meyers’ original house with live on the internet [broadcasts]. So, unbeknownst, Michael Meyers is back." Follow the link to go to the page but beware of major SPOILERS..

Dark Horizons today posted details of the official release date of Halloween: The Homecoming. The film will hit US theaters on September 21st.

Jamie Lee Curtis has finally opened up on her involvement with Halloween 8 and why she has chosen to do the eight movie.. Talking to the Vancouver Sun, she said; "[For] me that's an oddity, and it's certainly in a genre of films that I don't particularly like, but there's a very strong audience for that genre of film. I certainly don't look down my nose at it, I'm proud of the work that we do and I commit myself 100 per cent. But it's bizarre to me." Check out Cinescape for the full story.


Well the first week of the shoot is over and the Halloween Movies official site reports that "Jamie Lee Curtis has proven to be fun to work with for crew members, adding a great deal of input into the overall plan." They also posted a picture of the sanitarium location (see above). The second image (right) is of the films production logo.

It seems that in an interview with Kevin Williamson over at AICN, the whole Jamie Lee Curtis rumour that she had already filmed her role for the eighth movie was true. Now, whether she'll return to do more scenes remains to be seen, but apparently there is footage filmed two years go. Maybe they're gonna ditch what they did back then or maybe even refilm the same sequence? We'll keep you posted.


Page created. The eighth Halloween movie!!! Michael Myers returns once again. The announcement that the movie has been green-lighted follows the recent sequels to Friday The 13th (Jason X) and those spoof horror flicks Scary Movie, Shreik and the Scream series.

Back is Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and new additions to the cast include rapper Busta Rhymes, the currently hot Sean Patrick Thomas from Save The Last Dance and Jacinda Barrett from MTV's The Real World London.

The working title for the film is Halloween 8: The Homecoming: The shoot is currently underway having started back on May 14th (just two days ago). It could even just go by the title of Hall8ween: The Homecoming. Nothing is set in stone.

AICN today posted news that Jamie Lee Curtis has already completed her part in the movie. The following contains SPOILERS! The scooper over at Aint It Cool is saying that Jamie Lee Curtis filmed scenes for Halloween 8 after wrapping Halloween H20. And to get around the fact that she killed Myers in that movie, the scooper had this to say; "Curtis has somehow cut the head off of the wrong guy (!) and Myers is actually driving the ambulance. Within the first two minutes of the film, Curtis' character is killed by Michael. This was intended to shock audiences in much the same way PSYCHO did when Janet Leigh - Jamie Lee Curtis' mother - died early in the film. In fact, Steve Miner directed the opening scenes of HALLOWEEN 8 after wrapping H20. So, in short, Jamie Lee Curtis is not do any new scenes". Since posting this story the official site emailed AICN to say that Curtis has not even begun work on the movie yet, so all of the above could just boil down to a rumour. Lets wait and see. Anyway, read the full article over at Aint It Cool.

This page has no intention to infringe on the rights of the film and intellectual copyright holders of Haloween The Homecoming & hold copyright over the movie, characters, merchandise & storyline.

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